Your Feelings Affect Your Horse’s Behavior – Part 1

Horse Training Tip – Your Feelings Affect Your Horse’s Behavior – Part 1.

Why Does Energy Awareness Work?

On the most basic level, awareness is a mirror between two who are in complete energetic alignment sharing the same movements together.

Are you tuned into your energy as well as your horse’s?

Do you know what energy awareness looks like and feels like?

It is powerful, yet subtle, learning to play with your energy while aware of your horses energy simultaneously.

The most basic form of energy awareness is the idea that everything in the universe wants to be in balance.


Balance is the ability to move and work together in harmony. A balanced form of energy awareness shares the concept of Newton’s Cradle. You start a ball out moving against the others. The balls move so they are hitting against each other.
After a period of time, the energy acts to balance and align the balls to work together in unison.

The balance is seen in the balls matching and then mirroring each other. The balance is mirrored in humans when two people walk next to each other. You notice that unconsciously they start to become in unison.

They too begin walking step by step together. You and a horse will fall into sync and mirror each other as you become balanced and in tune with each other.

Body Language

Horses tune into body language for survival and communication. That is how they pick up on the subtlest of cues and shifts in your body. The emotions you feel and the thoughts you think affect your body. A lot of the time you can be unaware of those little changes.

For example, if you are feeling angry or frustrated, these emotions cause a change in your breathing, and a horse immediately picks up on that rise in energy.


Frustration and anger feel like danger to a horse. The change to powerful energy causes a horse to react with fear and anxiety. A horse then often acts out the desire not to stay in that space, nor hold that energy. A horse wanting to leave may look or feel like panic.

The horse’s head would be held high, nostrils large, and tail possibly flagged. The horse will turn and run, pace a fence line or spin circles trying to leave.

Horses, as with most animals, seem to sense when you are sad or upset. In that moment they come to be with you.  They understand and know you appreciate them being there with you.

People experience being upset or crying, and in comes their cat or dog. It seemed as if the animals knew and wanted to be with them. That knowing is energy put out, that the animals feel.


Energy can be the truth of the emotions you are feeling, the unspoken connection and balance that is achieved, or it can be what we project from ourselves.

Energy is both your intention you project out, as well as the body language you use. Body language, emotions and your thoughts all hold energy that can be felt by those outside of you.

Your Senses

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension between people? Have you ever walked into a room for a party, and the music, the smells, the laughter, make you feel light and fun? Both are examples of walking in and picking up on the energy in the room.

You don’t always need people to tell you with words, you too can tune into the energy and feelings to find your own conclusions.

Horses just live this 100% of the time. They read body language, emotion and intention to communicate and to survive.


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