Believe your horse is Champion, even if no one else sees it.

What Made The GREAT Champions?

Today’s inspiration comes from a place so close to my heart.

Secretariat the movie was on last night, and I never miss an opportunity to watch this movie!

The last race scene in which Secretariat makes his break, coming around the turn all alone, breaking away and winning the race by such lengths I can’t help but tear up.

This got me really thinking last night.

Everyone loves the underdog stories of true champions beating all odds and become one of those few great champions in history.

What did these champions have in common?

The movie Secretariat, Dreamer, and Seabiscuit all share a common story.


They were not shipped off by their owners to the greatest race trainers in the industry and one of many in a training barn.

They were deeply loved, cherished and believed in by their owners.

They all had an owner who played a special role in their stories, believed in them, and had the heart centered connection with their horses.

These horses were special, treated special,secretariatsagharbornews-240×300 and loved as champions before they were champions.

One of my favorite parts of the movie Secretariat, is when Penny (his owner)

is out singing and bathing him. She would talk to him, and had a deeper connection and understanding of him.


(Photo credit: brokeindenverblog)

I took from all three of those movies (if you have not seen them you need to watch them) is the connection and relationship that they share with these special horses that is what makes the champion heart.

It is the love that is shared that makes these stories special and these horses great.

We may not all own great champions as these incredible and special horses…. but we can all learn something from these amazing stories.

It is building the connection and relationship with your horse that makes them the best that they can be.

If you believe in your horse, your horse will believe as well.

Take the time to create that special bond and then who knows what the two of you can accomplish together.


Part II of this article is coming next, look for it soon.

In the next article I share some of our champions of today.

This is perfect timing to be focusing and talking about connection and relationships.

Here is a link to the real footage of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown, and the race they recreate in the final scene of the movie.


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