What does driving your car have to do with sticking to your goals?


Lets drive your life looking out the windshield…
we have to know where we are going and see what is ahead of us.

Jen and I have been talking about capturing your vision, chipping away at it, and breaking it down into tasks.

This can seem overwhelming!

I wanted to check in quickly and offer this to you, as it seemed to just flow today as I was writing.

I like to know where I am going, and where I want to end up.

However, I let go of having to know every detail, every time frame and all that pressure going with that.

Have the end result in mind, and make sure every decision and action is leading to that end vision in your mind.

Use your own inner guide, so your emotions as indicators.

You are headed in the right direction when it “feels good” or feels “relief,” “exciting”. You know if you are getting off course, because it feels “draining,” “heavy.”

The great thing is being aware of how something feels and using that as your indicator. This allows for a quicker u-turn.

This is about staying aligned to what feels good, exciting and feels forward moving.

If you do need to do something that causes a feeling of un-joyous emotions, then make the conscious effort to find some piece of joy or relief as you approach it.

It may just be the feeling of relief you will experience when it is completed.

That is the feeling to hold and focus on, to make it a better feeling experience.

Remember, in life, just as you in your vehicle, you need to drive looking forward out the windshield!!


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