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now you can quickly & Easily Learn how to Create a yES Horse!

If you’ve ever searched for a new way to train & Create the Ultimate Connection With Your Horse without all the Pressure of Traditional Horse Training, This is for you!

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Harmony Horsemanship Week

Super charge your lessons with Lindsey Partridge’s gentle & kind, yet super effective methods, you and your horse as a team become truly connected.

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We put our heads together on how we can help every have some fun this week & came up with a full week of things to learn & try with your horse.Lindsey has graciously created a quick path to success so you can experience results right away!

Use the Harmony Horsemanship Method to Create the ultimate partnership With your horsewith No pressure & No force…Even If You Have Struggled In The Past To Connect With Your Horse…

Here’s what you will have access to during Harmony Horsemanship Week…

Section 1- Learn The Fundamental Principles of Why This Program Works 

When you make these little tweaks to the way you relate to your horse, everything changes

Section 2- Mustang Training

Watch how Lindsey takes an untamed mustang and gives him the confidence to be a brave willing partner

Section 3- Liberty at Harmony

Learn a whole different approach to “join up” with no chasing, no whips, and heck you don’t even need a round pen

Section 4- Inspiration

You’ll see with the right foundation anything is possible, be ready to come away with a whole new perspective

Section 5- What does it take to become an instructor?

A sneak peek at a level 3 looks like for groundwork

Section 6- 5 Essential Exercises For Connection

5 daily exercise examples that you can try on your next trip to the barn

Section 7- Bonus: Learn The Spiral Draw Exercise

Be a fly on the wall and tune into a student’s personal lesson from Lindsey

Section 8- Trick Training

Time for some fun! Teach your horse the spanish walk, kiss & fetch

Section 9- Off Track Thoroughbred Liberty Restart

Watch Lindsey’s 1st & 3rd rides on an off the track Thoroughbred, Wally, straight from the racetrack and trained him to ride calmly using nothing. No round pen, no halter, no neck rope, no whip. 

Section 10- Starting From Scratch

Take a look at two different horses and starting them literally from scratch. Peanut who is a dominant horse that was given to Lindsey for literally trying to charge at people and kick them, and Kalila a very timid horse that would try to run away and not want to be caught.

Section 11- Harmony Horse Handling

The bottom line of all horsemanship lies in proper care of the horse. Learn 2 important lessons from the Harmony Horse Handling Certification course which is all about equine fundamentals and handling using the SAFE techniques. SAFE stands for simple, achievable, friendly, and effective techniques. 

Section 12- Harmony Horsemanship 101

The Harmony Horsemanship 101 course is the foundation to Harmony Horsemanship. It covers the Harmony Training Continuum, the calm connection exercises and abcs for both ground work and riding, how to add refinement and a couple balanced riding exercises.  

All together over $199.00 value

Today, you get your week long access pass to all of  this for only Plus Exclusive Bonuses To Be Announced All Week Long!



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This 7- Day Harmony Horsemanship Week is 

 April 13 – 20, 2020

Here’s what people have to say about Lindsey & Harmony Horsemanship…

“Lindsey is an excellent teacher and is so much fun. She explains everything in an easy manner that you understand! I learned so much about myself and my horse Trigger. Lindsey has given me the tools and the confidence to be able to bond with Trigger in an amazing way! Thank you Lindsey for all you have taught me. Trigger thanks you too!!”

Penny Pettigrew

“Lindsey is amazing, I love the bond she has with her horses. I’ve judged her at Equine Affaire a couple of times in the Versatile Horse and rider competition and her horsemanship and connection with her horses really stands out! “

Warwick Schiller

“Can I say how much I love your program! It works! I never knew I would be so comfortable bareback bridleless with nothing but my horse and I. With every session we just continue to open new doors and find new fun things to learn!  What freedom!”

Mellissa E. 

About Lindsey Partridge… 

Lindsey Partridge has been called ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star and ‘The Queen of Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider. She is a Horse Human Relationship Expert.

 Lindsey has been a Horse Wrangler for feature films, a champion at the 2015 and 2016 International Thoroughbred Makeovers, and won many awards and titles for Extreme Cowboy Racing, Jumpers, and Horse Training.

Author of Natural Horsemanship Answering the What, Why, and How for ALL Disciplines.


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This 7- Day Harmony Horsemanship Week is 

 April 13 – 20, 2020

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