Do you wear blinders like some horses?

Did you know we miss so much around us in life because we wear blinders?

People put blinders on horse’s to keep them focused and not let them see the distractions or what is going on around them.

People don’t want them to pay attention to all the little things and to keep the direction of where they are going.

Do we wear subconscious blinders and not even know?

We are so focused on the things we need to do, where we are going and the stress in life that we don’t notice the birds singing in the trees, the color of the flowers changing and so much simple beauty around us.

What if just becoming aware that we are not seeing all of the joy of life around us can remove our blinders?

Bring the intention and thought into your life everyday! You are not to busy to slow down and notice all the little gifts and joy around us. It is the little things that can shift how we are feeling.

There is a great exercise I ran across years ago. It is about bringing your awareness of appreciation into every day and every moment. If you live in a space of appreciation it can shift how we feel inside and how life feels for us.

*Find one thing to focus your appreciation on. (for example: I appreciation the sun for its warm and how it feels as its light touches me. I appreciate how the sun brings life to the flowers around me. I appreciate how the sun fills me with warm and love.)

* Try and hold that appreciation for as long as you can. Find as many reasons as you can for that appreciation. (Make it a fun game to fill you full of appreciation. You may surprised at how that can shift how you feel in life.)

* Now try and find things to appreciate throughout your day. (Even just the littlest of things.)

Be thankful and appreciate all the little things, and see all that there is around you.


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