Try or Do 1 New Thing With Your Horse This Year.

It seems like every year the excitement around a New Year begins to sizzle out as the month or months carry on.

It is hard to change our life and habits that we are so accustomed to living.

Tell yourself right now, that this year is going to be different.

This year you WILL stay motivated and inspired!

CHALLENGE yourself right now.

I Challenge you to pick 1 new thing to try or do this year.

It can be something like trying a new discipline, a new activity, a new training program, a new event, a new horse show series, or more.

Whatever the Challenge that you pick for yourself, make it attainable and FUN.

Write down on something eye catching the CHALLENGE to yourself and post on your fridge, make your background on your phone or post at work.

You are not asking yourself to commit to a lot of changes, a lot of challenges or things that seem so unreachable.

You are just doing something new one time this year.

Here is the catch to this challenge that I should warn you about upfront.

This could become an addictive habit.

You may crave fun and excitement in your life.

Doing things and setting challenges for yourself may continue throughout the year.
But there is no pressure.

You only need to set one CHALLENGE for yourself right now, for the entire year.

It is that easy and you can take the CHALLENGE!

I would love to hear what new thing you are going to do this year, so please share with us on the comments below.

Also, please share this blog post with the button on the left and see if you can encourage your friends to set a new challenge with you for the Year.


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