Tip For New Year’s Goals – Heartfelt Changes

Think heartfelt changes you really feel in your gut for the New Year.

As you welcome in the New Year and begin to make goals and resolutions, consider that you can set yourself up to fail.

If you make a bunch of resolutions or things you want to do, change or make different in the New Year you can put out too many things instead of a focused couple.

The more focused you are on what you really want to bring into your life or shift about your life, the greater the ability to achieve those goals.

Choose two things to focus all of our attention on.

Try and pick the two things you feel in your gut or your heart that you really want or wish for, then make plans to achieve those two focused aspects.

Sometimes these are the hardest or toughest thing you could think to try and do, but if that is really what your heart wants to change, then you can do it.

For example quitting smoking is a New Year resolution you hear a lot of people make.

The people who feel that in their gut and really want to stop smoking know it will be hard, but they know they can put that one resolution or focus out there and achieve it.

Those people are serious, focused and can put all their intentions into the one life change they want to bring forward.

By narrowing down your changes and focus to two it makes it easier to keep your forward movement to the goal.

What is another aspect that can hold you back from reaching your resolutions?

If you think you need to wait.

This can be a stalling technique because you know it is going to be hard, a big change or subconsciously you don’t want to shift.

I want to wait until _____ happens, or I need ______ and then I can change.

If you wait for the time to be perfect, or everything to be in alignment to make changes you might be waiting for ever.

This year lets all make the choice to not wait for anything to be perfect but begin to make the changes that we can now to reach our goals.

No more “I will wait and do this tomorrow.”

No more “once this happens then I will change.”


If things are hard to shift then be easy with yourself.

Reward the smallest shift towards your goals.

It won’t always be perfect, it won’t always be easy but keep trying.

If you get off track, let it go and re-evaluate your plan to continue forward.

So many times we cheat on our diet once, smoke a cigarette when we are trying to quit, have a glass of wine when we are cutting it out and then give up since we couldn’t do it.

It is okay, it IS NOT GOING TO BE PERFECT and that is OK!

Just keep going, keep moving towards your goals.

If you take two steps back, stop and take a deep breathe, then continue one step at a time forward again.

Think focus!

Focus on two changes, goals or shifts you WANT. Make them important to you.

Know it will be hard at times, you might take a step or two back as you work forward.


Imagine what it will be like when you have met this goal.

What will life look like, feel like and how will it be different.



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