Quick refreshing drink that is anti-aging & might help you lose weight!

It’s time to slip your spurs off a minute and take care of your most important asset… YOU!

In all of your taking care of things, (horses, kids, other people) don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Here’s a quick refreshing drink you can make to keep you hydrated and feeling your best!

Hibiscus Tea

Studies show tons of awesome benefits to this pretty pinkish tea…

    • filled with anti-oxidants that help prevent all kinds of illness including cancer
    • helps lower and maintain blood pressure
    • helps lower cholesterol
    • helps reverse sign of aging (YEAH!)
    • helps with weight loss
    • aids diabetes
    • caffeine free
    • rich in vitamin c
    • plus you can drink it on the go and stay hydrated!

Things us busy cowgirls need!

How to make the tea from dried hibiscus flowers…

  1. Put 1 cup of flowers in a container
  2. Cover with hot, boiling water
  3. Let steep 5-10 minutes depending how strong you like it
  4. Strain the tea out of the flowers
  5. Add sweetener, if you’d like, while it is still hot. Honey is awesome in hibiscus tea!
  6. Add filtered water to make up to a gallon.
  7. Add ice in a portable container and take it along with you to drink as you work at the barn!

Easier still buy Hibiscus Tea Bags at the grocery store and make your tea that way!

Tastes a little “fruity” and not like black tea so even if you don’t like tea, you will dig this!

Taking care of yourself is easy when you plan ahead, so on the way to the feed store, make a stop at the farmer’s market or health food store and remember to take care of you!!!

Put it in your planner and make it a part of your daily “Blisstuals”.

You are at your best when you feel your best.

Do you have any ideas for easy, healthy refreshment?

Help others and Share your knowledge in the comments below!


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