Here’s a little horse riddle for you…
(don’t peek ahead at the answer!)

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to go to France…

and learn from master equestrians,
Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon,
the original co-creators of Cavalia.

In one of the exercises,
we got to work with 6 Arabian geldings
that are used in one of the acts in their show at the time, EQI.

The lesson itself is a story for another day,
but what I want to share today is this…

The geldings were chosen to specially
to be the same color, size, and build.

So in other words, in theory,
one should not be stronger
or more powerful than another,
so how is the leader determined?

What do you think?

I believe the answer lies from within.
Which one believes in himself the strongest.

And it is true for us too.

What if inside of each of us there is a Trojan Horse?
And within it hides a warrior.
When you feel unsure of yourself
with your horse or in your life,
I challenge you to let that warrior out.

Not to fight with your horse, but to fight for you.
The real you.

Maybe you need to remember who you are.

Not only are you the daughter of a King,
but your cells contain the very DNA
of horse girls that have gone before you.

That not only cared for family & children
in the roughest of conditions,
but bucked out broncos
and fought for our rights
to even ride with both legs on each side of the saddle

There is a lead mare inside you.

Not the bossy boss,
but the one who knows what she wants,
believes in herself
and has no doubt.

Go find her.