The Inspirational Story of Stacy Westfall

There is nothing I have ever experienced that makes our life lessons clearer than our work with horses.

Let’s take a look at the super successful, Stacy Westfall’s work with horses and where her dream took her…
(The 5 Steps of Making Your Dreams Come True In Action!)

I must admit I never, even in my wildest dreams even at a young age thought of riding my horse bareback and bridleless, spinning, sliding and running circles.

But Stacy Westfall did And what has happened is simply amazing……

First of all I should say I personally don’t know Stacy. (I met her once when we had a booth next to hers at an Equine Affaire in Ohio, she was really nice:), but I don’t really know her), she is just a hero of mine.

But her story from the outside looking in is well worth the time to explore.

Follow me on a little YouTube journey…

(I promise it’s well worth your time even if you have seen some of this before)

Here’s the first time most of us heard of Stacy Westfall in an amazing, tribute run to her father…

(And as a side note, contrary to weird internet rumors, Stacy is NOT deaf and mute.)

After she becomes a world wide sensation, Stacy is interviewed on “Ellen”. Let’s watch part 2 before part 1.

Now let’s watch Part 1

shhh if you watch closely Stacy starts to reveal her secrets…

Stacy goes on to do even cooler things with her horses!


When I first watched these videos I learned 6 things…

1. Stacy had a dream. (To ride like the boy in the Black Stallion movie)

2. She figured out what it would take to accomplish her dream & broke it down into parts and pieces

    • she trained her horse
    • she trained her horse to ride with no bridle
    • she learned to ride bareback without falling off
    • she learned to care for her horse

3. She made a plan

4. She worked the plan.
(she rode 1- 1 ½ hours per day, 5 days a week, for 3 years!)
She did it even when she was afraid, or tired, or had problems.

5. She kept pushing even after she reached her first dream.

6. Stacy is an amazing person!

Stacy Westfall took what she learned along the journey
to form a training program and now she helps 1000’s of others
achieve their dreams and goals!!!

A lot of times people feel guilty striving to achieve goals for themselves, thinking that only goals that directly involve others are worthy.

Of course, helping others is the ultimate goal!

But I have learned, happiness comes from within.
And we can not share and give to others what we do not have ourselves.

It took me a long time to learn this.
If you struggle with this too, you have to let it go.

Sometimes the most wonderful gift we can give to the world is the gift of inspiration …a success story, like Stacy Westfall has done.

I hope this inspires you, the way it has me.

Again, I don’t know Stacy Westfall, I am just a fan. What an amazing, faith filled, hard working woman!

Now you may not aspire to ride bareback and brideless, but you can take away from this story the inspiration to follow your passion!

For help dreamin’ and getting your dreams out of your head and into your schedule join us in the Riding Academy.

I can’t wait to hear about your goals now and then later the stories of where your goals take you!

Sending you much ♥ and the faith to move your mountain, Jenny Rohlen-Barker

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