“The concepts presented in this training will change the way the world views how to train horses.”

Horses (and people for that matter) can not be at their best with the ability to learn, trust, & optimally use their bodies while feeling tense & nervous, hanging on to past trauma or pain …

Learn to teach your horse to come to you to feel safe & happy to exponentially grow your results in any riding disciple or simply enjoying your horse at home.

Go from a stressed, disconnected horse to a soft, willing, happy connected horse.
Without force, without pressure.
While still maintaining peak performance at home or in the show ring.

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Proudly introducing…

The Cannon Method:

The Equine Calm, Confidence, Connection Cure

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An unprecedented opportunity to take part in a once in a lifetime journey to discover a whole new way of working with horses

“I wish I could have done this 20 years ago with him… but we will take the peace of mind he finally seems to have.” Cindy

Even if you’ve had problems in the past, rethink everything, you thought was possible with your horse.

What if…

What if you could actively teach your horse how to relax in stressful situations?

That the best, safest & happiest place on earth is just to be with you!

What if you could help her feel safe instead of getting jacked up and afraid?

Think it sounds too good to be true?

  • What if on top of it you could also re balance & reset her mind & body to rewire her to be confident?

  • What if she is soft & supple and ready for an amazing partnership that elevates both the horse and rider to new heights?

  • And what if at the same time you are helping your horse you will be increasing your feel and timing, awareness & ability to truly read your horse?

The Cannon Method enables horse owners like you to do all this and more to optimize your horse’s mind & body for peak performance and extraordinary relationship.

The relationship you want to be possible with your horse…truly is.

And the icing on the cake, ANYONE at any age or skill level can do this method, without a round pen or special equipment. 

Meet Champion Trainer, Charlotte Cannon

After several serious injuries, I was filled with fear.

It didn’t matter what training method I tried. It didn’t even matter that I’d been riding horses for as long as I could remember.

Even with years of riding experience and lots of championship ribbons, I just couldn’t shake the fear & anxiety.

I was ready to give up when I accidentally discovered what was happening inside me & why I felt the way I did. I knew I had to use my discovery to help the horses.

Not long after I discovered tapping for relaxation with horses…

…I took it a step further, exploring brain training and re-balancing techniques. It was like I had a whole new horse.

That’s why I created the Cannon Method for Connection & Control – so that other horse lovers out there could learn to gently teach their anxious and explosive horses to be calm and under control.


 I will teach you the secret to Relaxation and Ultimate Performance

✔ I will teach you the building blocks to a Safe, Predictable, Fun, High Performance Horse so you can live your dreams.

✔ I will demystify the science behind Response vs Reaction.

✔ You will learn all reactions/responses are negative/fear based or positive/confidence driven. Every stress has the opportunity to feed fear or build confidence.

✔ You will discover a simple brain rewiring technique I created that changes the brain/body response to stress.

✔ You will step away looking at horses, humans and training from a different point of view, Science, to build ultimate partners and superior athletes.

✔ This method works on every breed and for every discipline

Special VIP Founding Member Training Limited To

100 43 Students to Ensure Each Person Gets The Personalized Special Attention You Deserve

Here’s what you are getting inside the complete “Cannon Method” Course

This is a tentative class schedule- although you will learn everything listed below the order of the modules is subject to change in accordance to best benefit students


Course Introduction

✔Be Inspired by Charlotte’s Incredible Story & Journey, The Why of the Course, Her Path To Discovery AND Most Importantly What It Will Do For You & Your Horse

✔Plus an Overview of Tapping For Relaxation so you can start enjoying results right away


Module 1: Knowledge Is Power

✔Understanding “The Why” So You Can Successfully Use The Exercises In The Program To Create Dramatic Change In Your Horse and Inspire Partnership


Module 2: Basic Techniques

✔Basic Leading Exercises 

✔The Playground of Safety

✔Equine Tapping

✔Equine Brain Gym: Charlotte’s proprietary system to re-balance your horse’s body & mind

✔Using Poles for Proprioception


The Cannon Method Strategy Cheat Sheet

Use Charlotte’s handy dandy chart to help you in diagnosing different horses and implement the exercise that applies.


A New Way of Looking at De-Spooking Your Horse

Teach Your Horse To Be Confident & Self Assured with Charlotte’s Groundbreaking Method To Teach Your Horse To Trust Him/Herself (& you!)


Riding For Relaxation, Confidence & Connection

The horse is horse hardwired to mirror its herd for safety in this module you will learn to do in your body what you want the horse to do in his body.

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