I am thankful for LOVE!

Love helps to make us all grow and shift through life.

Love can be for a person, for a relationship, animal, or things that we love that brings us joy.

Love can be a warming, caring and invigorating feeling.

I am thankful for all the love that surrounds me in all aspects of life.

I see the love I feel for nature every time I walk out to see the beautiful leaves this time of year, the caressing breeze, hearing the joyous songs of the animals.

I have love with the animals that I am blessed to share my experience with while I am here.

I am blessed to have love in my family relationships.

Love makes us feel good and lifts us up when we are low, love is what we look for everywhere around us.

I love, love.

Finding love for ourselves is the foundation or soil for every aspect in our life.

Imagine that all that grows is growing out from us, and that we are the solid foundation of love that feeds that growth.

So loving ourselves can be harder than loving another, our animals, our job, a hobby, etc.

We can place our love outward to others but have a wall to go inside ourselves to love us.

For me, some of what I believe was being raised to not be selfish or think overly highly of myself.

That is not true!!!!

It took me 25 years to learn that, but loving ourselves is CRUCIAL to be happy and feel joy in our life.

No matter how much love we place outside of us helping others or loving others it can never fill the space that is the soil that our joy can grow and get bigger and bigger.

This week as we are thankful for love, look inside to love yourself.

Each and everyday tell yourself you love you, and find one amazing reason (big or small) that you love yourself.

Start out every morning and end every night by saying I love me, and I love ______________________ about me.

By the end of the week we should be in love with ourselves even more, have more appreciation for ourselves and feel better about all the amazing things we can do.

Find love in everything you do and about yourself this week. This is a week of thankfulness for love, but thankfulness to love ourselves.


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