Teach Your Horse To Set Up For Halter or Showmanship

Quick Tip For Busy Equestrians!

Take just 5 minutes a day to teach your horse to set up for halter or showmanship and be ready for showtime!

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Notes on the Video:

For Showmanship you want to teach your horse to set up “around” their back right foot. So you are only asking your horse to move their back left foot either forward or back. This takes practice to only move the left hind either back, with a slight backward pressure and a slight lift up to indicate the horse is sitting back on its hind end so therefore asking that hind leg to move. To move the front left forward, use an upward and forward pressure. This is just asking over and over again, until your horse learns you are only asking them to move their back left foot. (In this video we are not going over that tip, but I wanted to include it for those who will be showing showmanship.)

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