You Can Teach Your Horse Courage

Courage and heart seem to go hand in hand.

When I saw the photo of this racehorse finishing a race on it’s own with no rider, it made met think HEART. The heart that horse has to race hard, on it’s own, as if to show it will not give up…….is courage.

Horses, just as people, can show courage, and fear as well. With the focus  on fear, I want to talk about courage and fear  in horses.

Some horses are born with heart, and others are taught courage over fear in their training and experiences in life. This is also mirrored in humans, and human life experiences.

The photo above reminds me that heart and courage in a horse are priceless. It is the ultimate when you get to spend time, train, or work with a horse of that soul. We can teach horses to release fear, and have courage, just as we can work through fear in ourselves.

Remember that every time a horse shows fear, you can shift that to be courageous as well. (There is in depth how to, and training exercises, as well as the beginning connection and groundwork steps to achieve this in the training courses for our Horses-U members)

But today, remember horses can show courage, as they can feel fear. Be aware of what your horse is feeling, and help them to become courageous and let go of their fear as well.

Don’t we all wish for the horse with courage, and heart?

Don’t we all wish for the horse who would finish no matter what for us? Go the extra mile?

You can create that!! You can build your horse up to be courageous! In the process you are building your own confidence and courage with your horse!


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