Take Fear By The Reins – Ecourse

October Spooktacular is all about FEAR.

So here is a free excerpt from the Take Fear By The Reins e-course.

This excerpt is to get you thinking about overcoming fear, or TAKING FEAR BY THE REINS, as our E-Course is called.  Start today and begin to identify fear in your life.

Identifying fear is the first step to overcoming or lessening that fear.

You must first understand your fears!

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”- Franklin Roosevelt

This famous quote has been used throughout history, for its validity of perception.

So many times the fear that holds us back, stops us from trying something new is more dangerous than the action itself.

You must find the TRUTH behind the fear.
The TRUTH is if the fear is a valid fear or a fearful fear.

A Valid Fear – is a fear that could very realistically or have a high probability of getting physically hurt. An example is a fear of jumping off a bridge.

A Fearful Fear – is the anxiety of a fear or the idea that you could get hurt, even though the reality and likelihood is very slim. For example the fear to drive to the grocery store because you could get in a car accident. Yes, this is a valid fear in the sense that you could get physically hurt but the likelihood and percentage of that happening is very slim.

Sometimes the risk outweighs the success and result for us.

That is for each one of us to come to our own understanding on. So ask, what is the worst thing that could happen, the circumstances and then how likely is that to happen and is it still worth doing.

“You block your own dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”

– Mary Manin Morrissey

Don’t stand in your own way any longer.

To be able to identify which fear you are feeling is the very first step in understanding your fear.

Fear is not bad, fear is a warning system our body triggers. We just have to understand the fear to be able to move forward through that fear. Fear that is a Valid Fear should always be honored.

If you are in danger of getting hurt you need to stop and move to a place of safety before continuing to work through the fear.

Ask yourself which fear you are feeling and identify with what fear it is. This is the very first step in conquering or working through any fear. It is awareness and awareness of what you are feeling!


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