5 Extraordinary Lessons that lead you down a path leading to the Horsemanship Growth Summer of A Lifetime

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Agenda + Links
Lesson 1: Clarity: Mapping Out Your Plan (scroll down)
Lesson 2: Leadership Shifts + Leading Exercises 
Lesson 3: Teach Your Horse To Relax: Learn Equine Tapping 
Lesson 4: Team Building: Creating Trust
Lesson 5: Creating Connection
Monday 5.20.24 Catch Up Day Live Q&A In Group 7 pm Central
Tues. Live Workshop 5.21.24 Restarting the Older Horse: Raven’s Journey

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Day 1: Getting Clear On What You Want & Learning to Trust Yourself

You have to know where you want to go to create a map to get there.

Step 1: Inspiration Story: Learning to trust yourself.... if you don't believe yourself - your horse won't believe you either.

2016 was a really dark time for me.

(You may have heard this story before,

but stay with me here. This is important)

I learned about an equestrian retreat to France

presented by Barbara Alexander

to learn from the extraordinary trainers

and original creators of Cavalia,

Frederick Pignon and Magali Dalgado.

In the retreat, we would get to spend time

intimately to learn from Fred & Magali to communicate

more deeply with horses.

When I heard about it,

I knew I had to be there.

I could just feel it.

I didn’t have even a fraction of the money it would take

to go. No money on a credit card.

I had never left the country.

I didn’t have a passport

And I knew nothing about liberty training.

No voice from the heavens.

But I knew I had to go.

Long story short,

with lots of help from many people,

(including Barbara Alexander, our hostess,

one of my best friends Kristin Delibero

and even a few members of our community)

I was on that plane to France.

And I was calm and cool and shined like a diamond.

The end.


Ha! Hardly, I was a hot mess.

I had a total and complete meltdown the day I was leaving,

my best friend, Lauren had to talk me “off the ledge”

and my estranged husband (at the time) had to come to get me

and bring me to the airport.

I was terrified.

And quite sure I was going to die.

Why, when I just knew it was the end for me,

I went anyway, I have no idea, lol.

But here is one of the many many things I learned… that I think will help you too…

on 3 separate times, I got to work one one-on-one with

the brilliant Frederick in the round pen,

he is so nice and very kind,

but regardless of my being a professional trainer

for many years,

I felt so unsure of myself,

I wanted to be correct & do things in the “right” way in front of him.

To show him I knew something.

That I was different.

On the second day as my turn came up,

he says in all his wisdom,

“ohhhh Jen, you always think you have to be so good”,

and he calls me out

on well… me …

thinking I had to be “good” to be “perfect” to count.

After self-examination I have lots of experiences, as to why

I have unconsciously thought that I needed to be “good” or strive to be “perfect” to be seen.

To be heard.

To be acknowledged.

I feel the sting of tears even writing this,

buried memories of childhood & teenage years

that still festers in me deep inside somewhere.

See, my go-to has always been “doing”

and I have to catch myself or that is still my behavior.

But we are not human “doings”

we are human “beings”.

Preacher Joyce Myers says you have to know the difference 

between your “who and your do”.

Meaning you have to know who you are is what counts, 

even more than what you do.

We can’t “do” enough perfect, to fake who we are on the inside.

My notes from the lesson that day read…

“If you don’t believe yourself, your horse will not believe you either”

“to run after how to “be”

(present, relaxed, confident, balanced, open) 

instead of how to “do” a technique.

As we were preparing to leave on the last day of the retreat and saying our goodbyes,

Fred gave me a last piece of advice,

“You need to trust yourself, you have to believe yourself”

(meaning not only in yourself- but believe you- your story)

And he signed his signature with a note for me to be brave.

My reason for sharing this with you today 

is that so many times this is where we get stuck.

Overwhelm & doubt have crept in.

The new year is so exciting, such a rush of new beginnings!

But then the thought work comes in how to make a plan 

and start to take action, working through the parts that feel awkward,

 the “doing” requirement

of making dreams come to life.

PLEASE PLEASE hear me, if you never listen to a word I say again

I need you to hear this…

I need to remind you of this not only as a horsemanship lesson,

but as a life lesson.

And a challenge for you this year, this month, the DAY, this minute to bring more YOU into your life.

AND into your horsemanship. Your horse as well as the world needs you.

Not the you, you have created to fit in.

But the realest of real you.

Trust you!

Believe in you!

Vote for you.

Choose you.

And remember WHO you are at your core.

What you stand for.

What you believe.



Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us,

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Such truth.

And today I will be brave and be me too.

Why is that so scary?

But it is.

Nothing, no technique, and no one to hide behind.

As I write this it comes to me that when we are raw,

and real

there is such a chance of rejection.

If it’s not about a technique or what I am “doing”

there is a chance that my horse just won’t like me.

Real me. And I don’t want to feel that pain.

Or that people won’t like me.

Real me.

And that seems too much to bear.

And how about you?

What if you put that picture on your vision board what if you don’t make it?

What if you put what you truly believe in your “manifesto” page in your planner

what if you can’t live up to it?

What if make a big goal & you don’t make it?

But the bigger question is what if you don’t?

I hope you (real you) will join me for a year of “being”

and becoming our truest, best selves.

I believe in YOU so much.

Be brave!

Love, Jenny

Step 2: Inspiration Video: Begin with the end in mind...think of what's possible!

These are a few things I have been able to do with Extraordinary Horsemanship!
So much more is possible… what will you do?

YouTube player

Step 3: Take The Beginning of Training Self Assessment

As we always say, we can’t measure our growth if we don’t record where we are starting, download the “Circle of Confidence Self Assessment Worksheet” and take note of areas you know right off the bat that you need to work on in your skills and horsemanship. Use this information in Step #4

Step #4

What: Equestrian Confidence Cornerstones, Equestrian Visioneering: The process of making a vision or a dream a reality. 

Why This Matters: This transformational exercise helps you get super clear on what you want and creates a path from where you are today ➡ to where you want to be, so you will know exactly what you need to work on going forward.

Materials: Click here to download the “The One Page Plan That Makes Everything Possible”

Lesson Length: 30 min



Here’s a little virtual gift bag from my heart to yours…

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FREE Equestrian Growth Resources from our training library to help you bring more intention & purpose to your day!

“5 Tips That Make It Easy To Remember Your Horse Show Pattern”

Never forget your pattern again!

3 Simple Systems Handout:
to guide you to gently train your time- giving yourself grace- bring more order to your life & get you to the barn doing what you love!

Horsemanship Arena Guide: The P.R.E.P. :
Your Pre-Ride Equestrian Program)
add & subtract from this list to fit you and your horse & follow a pre-ride check every time before you get on

to set yourself up for a connected, safe, joy-full ride!

The P.A.U.S.E.  Printable:
a special intention and prayer to grow in your spiritual life as you work with your horse

The Equestrian Growth Mindset Worksheet
a worksheet that flips the switch from limited thinking to next level thinking in 2 seconds or less

The Equestrian Money Abundance Journal
could your beliefs about money possibly be blocking you from what you want from life?
…this journal holds key to the first step to go from surviving to thriving

AND last by not least!

The Busy Horse Girl 1 Week Healthy Menu:
to make meal planning a cinch! Complete with a shopping list and meal prep guide! Note: This is something new I am trying and have purchased the rights for us to use in our program. Let me know what you think and we can report back our special twists on the menus!



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