5 Extraordinary Lessons that lead you down a path leading to the Horsemanship Growth Summer of A Lifetime

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Agenda + Links
Lesson 1: Clarity: Mapping Out Your Plan 
Lesson 2: Leadership Shifts + Leading Exercises 
Lesson 3: Teach Your Horse To Relax: Learn Equine Tapping 
Lesson 4: Team Building: Creating Trust (scroll down)
Lesson 5: Creating Connection
Monday 5.20.24 Catch Up Day Live Q&A In Group 7 pm Central
Tues. Live Workshop 5.21.24 Restarting the Older Horse: Raven’s Journey

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Create experiences that create trust and help your horse to spook-less. A new look at desensitization through play.

No handout today

If you have time for a quick trip to the Dollar Store and have the weather to set up your little obstacle course, Great! If not, keep building on the other lessons,
this time. Our goal for this week is not to hurry through, but to fully understand the process 🙂

Day 4: Creating Trust

You’ve learned the last few days about the importance of leadership so the horse can feel safe to relax, then accelerated your progress with tapping for relaxation and connection… today’s exercises taken from our “Get Back In The Saddle Again: 4 Days To A Safer, More Connected Horse” help you to intentionally build trust together through simple obstacles.

Let’s get started.

Step #1

Something to think about.

Just as in our human relationships every thing we do either builds relationship, or breaks relationship.

With a little planning and a trip to the Dollar Store we can show our horses they can trust us, and watch their reactions to learn more how they view the world and handle stress.

Together we can learn to lean on each other and trust ourselves to BECOME A TEAM

Step #2

Somethings to try

These lessons are borrowed from a course please ignore references that don’t make sense and focus on the lessons 🙂

(Click on the videos follow the numbers starting at 19 (I know it’s a bit confusing lol)- the video on top will change as you view)

Step #3

Words to live by…

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Horsemanship Arena Guide: The P.R.E.P. :
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