Welcome To The Spooktacular Challenge!


We are so happy you are here! It is such an honor to work together with you.

The days and weeks ahead will be a great time of growth for you,
and we could not be more excited to be along with you for the ride.

Here’s the details of the Spooktacular Challenge
if you so dare to enter
wa ha haaa haa (insert scary laugh here)
(I will include a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this email so you can print it out if you’d like)

Seriouslyyyyy here is what you need to do…

Spooktacular Challenge Details:

1. If you haven’t already, click here & Join our Facebook Group called: Horses-U Practical Solutions for Extraordinary Horsemanship
(we will approve you) this page is where we will hold all of the training and challenge
If you have friend’s who would like to take part please have them sign up here.

2. Download & Work through the S.P.O.O.K. Worksheet. (right click the link & choose “save as” to save it to your hard drive)
Basically you will be defining a fear (can be yours or it can be your horse’s) and making a plan to take steps to overcome it. There is nothing too big or too small. Everything counts.
Post at anytime in the Spooktacular Challenge group for support and help. We will work on this in detail in our 2nd class.

Post your fear or “obstacle” you are working through to the group, this will give you extra accountability & tons of support! Your post will be completely private to the group.

We will be having “Spooktacular” Training Classes plenty of access to help, (the schedule is below).

3. At the end of our Spooktacular journey together in the last week of October, when you are ready and have made your final progress, you will make a comment on the top pinned post in the private Spooktacular Challenge facebook page your story (includes pictures and video if possible), please be sure to comment in the correct post so everyone sees it and it does not get lost in the feed. You will have until November 15th at the latest to complete the challenge & post, probably best to try to be done by the 10th so people can have a chance to see & like your post.

4. Read other people’s comments and “like” your favorites, (the ones where our fellow members have come the furthest in overcoming obstacles.) Again the post will be completely private to the group participating in the challenge. There will be no negativity tolerated so do not worry about sharing, be open and honest 🙂

5. The Spooktacular will be judged on participation, completion of your homework assignments and who the judges feel has made the most progress.

6. The deadline is November 1,2017 12:00 midnight eastern time. We will announce the winner November 6th at our November Saddle Club Meeting

Click Here for pdf printable download of the details sheet.

Awesome Prizes:

1st place custom Champion Belt Buckle from Molly’s Custom Silver! It is sooo cool! Custom made for the Spooktacular Challenge!
(the belt buckle will be customized with your name takes 4-6 weeks for delivery)
>1 Year Horses-U Membership (if you are already a member this will be credited to your account
>2017 Equestrian Cowgirl Life: Live Extraordinary Planner
>1 hour free coaching call with Kristin & Jen

2nd & 3rd place will receive an Annual Horses-U Membership plus 2017 Equestrian Cowgirl Life: Live Extraordinary Planner (if you are already a member this will be credited to your account)

4th-10th place will receive 3 months free Horses-U Monthly Membership


Spooktacular Free Training Masterclass Schedule
(we will send email reminders and sign ups for these classes and they are open to the “public” so please invite friends if you’d like!)


  1. Thursday, October 5th 8 pm eastern time – Spooktacular Kickoff & “Putting The Extra in Ordinary Horsemanship”
  2. Monday, October 9th 8 pm eastern time  – “Overcoming Fear In Yourself.”
  3. Monday, October 16th 8 pm eastern time – “Build Unbreakable Confidence With Your Horse Blueprint Overview” with NEW groundwork videos and training.
  4. Monday, October 23rd 8 pm eastern time -“De-Spooking and Overcoming Fear In Your Horse.”
  5. Monday, October 30th 8 pm eastern time  – “Believe” Why What You Believe Matters To Your Horse

We will have replays of all classes available.

Where: Horses-U Facebook Group: Horses-U Practical Solutions for Extraordinary Horsemanship

Email us at jenny@horsegirl.me or just post in the Challenge group or members group any questions and tag Jen Rohlen or Kristin Delibero. We are here to support & coach throughout the challenge!

Love from fear busters,

jen&kristin-in a circle largeJenny & Kristin

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