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You are going to love the Horses-U Riding Academy


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crop-me-hippo-flipWe are going to give you a clear path to success
for you and your horse.

To help you make the time
for the things you love,
and take you from
where you are today
to a willing,
confident partnership.

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The Riding Academy Includes Our Signature Courses

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Our Exclusive Equestrian Goal Achievement e-course
and equestrian focused planner

to guide you through a step by step specific plan

that helps you to discover and stay true to yourself,

make passionate goals that you will want to achieve,

break it down step by step to get your dreams out of your head and into your schedule,

make a parachute to catch you when you fail, or have a bad day

and to celebrate your progress and your journey not just your destination.[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]blueprint-path to success[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Course Contents





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Our pillar course,
The Horsemanship Blueprint:
Build Unbreakable Confidence
When Riding and Handling Your Horse

This course is designed to give you a foundation of solid horsemanship that you can build on to replace your fears and uncertainty with knowledge and skill.

Knowing what to do and when to do it, so you can focus on & experience the magic of building an extraordinary partnership with your horse.

These timeless principles with a modern heart felt twist will work for any discipline or breed of horse.



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What you will learn in this course…

green-check-2to become a life long student of the horse by improving your horse sense and becoming not only a horse whisper, but a horse listener

green-check-2to pinpoint your fears and areas you need to further your knowledge on to develop a plan to overcome them

green-check-2Bonus: Working Through Fear Module with video and ebook to help you overcome areas that are holding you back

green-check-2how to use groundwork to build a solid relationship & teach manners

green-check-2simple desensitizing techniques to teach your horse to trust you and prevent spooking

green-check-2to follow an easy checklist to double check your equipment & tack before riding

green-check-2an essential mounting exercise to help you start your ride off with confidence

green-check-2exercises to improve your riding skills by improving your balance, coordination & strength[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Next, Let’s transform your relationship with your horse with a Journey to true partnership with your horse…

Remember as a kid,
the friendship,
the connection,
the belief that anything was possible with your horse…

Course Details

Let’s transform your relationship with your horse.

Who It’s For:

Anyone who wants to create deeper understanding of themselves & their horse and how they come together to create the ultimate team.

In This Course You Will Learn…

  • Tools to build healthy relationships
  • Understanding of setting respectful boundaries
  • How to understand your horse’s boundaries

We will start with you as the human partner

  • 11 lessons
  • Exercises, tools and worksheets to go deep into understanding you as the human partner
  • You gain awareness to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand what you need in your equine partner
  • How to tune into your body and what you are feeling
  • The role emotions, thoughts and intention play when working with horses

Then Focus On Better Understanding The Equine Partner

  • The three horse personality types overview
  • Exercises and test to determine which personality type your horse is
  • A deeper understanding and awareness of how each different personality thinks
  • How to work with each personality type
  • What type of partner each personality type is, and what they need in their equine partner

Then we will learn how each horse personality type and rider type work together.

Through awareness and understanding of each other magical partnerships are formed.



The courses include…

  • videos
  • workbooks
  • worksheets
  • checklists
  • & audio downloads

To help you absorb the information the way that you learn best and give you the answers you are looking for quickly & efficiently.

The image on the right is designed to give you an idea of just how much training you will have access to! But all the information is conveniently located online ?

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reining-horseWhoa, whoa, whoa girl-has-a-lot-on-her-mind

more on the training courses in a moment, we know you must be thinking you don’t have time to learn all this so we need to tell you quick about our bonuses that are going to keep you on track and break down the materials into bite sized chunks…



Master classes where we work through the training piece by piece to help you stay on track and to answer your questions.

Monthly inspirational live coaching calls we call Saddle Club Meetings, with replays you can listen to at your convenience.

A private members only support facebook group for additional support and to connect with other members

Access to Kristin & Jen as professional coaches to help you make a plan with your horse and to help you overcome obstacles

Quick reference modules

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Plus there’s even more!!


Our very own exclusive,
“Equestrian: Working Through Fear” Course

Featuring meditative video and ebook fear-course-grab4-small

“Take Fear By The Reins,
Learning To Address Fear With Calmness and A Plan”

With emergency fear kit, to give you the tool you need when fear raises it’s ugly head.

Special Bonus

Full Access To Our Growing Library of Mastery Courses 



And… we are going to grandfather you into our
Horses-U Founder’s Club!!

Here’s What You Get As A
Horses-U Founder’s Club Member…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]green-check-2All the current available courses, downloadable pdfs, ebooks & checklists in the Member’s Area, plus all new courses added to the member’s area in the next year

green-check-2100% online and works on any device

green-check-2Member’s Only Private Facebook Group

green-check-2Ongoing Online Training (working through courses)

green-check-2Monthly Saddle Club Meetings



But What You Gain Is So Much More…

Horse Friends from all over the world,
Unlimited, Unconditional Support For You,
Your Horse
& Your Goals. 


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Special Limited Time Offer
for New 10x Equestrian Growth Customers

Only $75 for an annual membership!

A $75 savings off of current annual membership fee of $150!

Includes Entire Existing Library
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& Coaching For A Full Year!

Bonus Free Annual Horses-U Founder’s Club Membership
locking you in at $150 annual membership forever,
as long as you choose to remain in the group
(this is not an automatic reoccurring fee-not to worry)

Access To All Courses (Including Mastery Courses)



Private Member’s Only Facebook Group

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Over $2000 Value in Training Resources

You pay only $75 today! No monthly fees.


Get Started Now30 day money back guarantee


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It’s easy to get started.

horses-u computer1. Simply choose your choice of payment option then click the button beneath it.

2. You’ll then be taken to our secure checkout.

3. Follow the step by step directions on the screen

4. After checkout you will be emailed your login credentials

4. You will login hereafter by clicking “member login” on the top menu at horsegirl.me[/text_block]

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Q. Is Horses-U right for you?

Don’t miss this program if you answer yes to any of these questions…

  • Are you ready to take your life and your horse life to a new level?
  • Do you have a BIG goal to reach with your horse and you could use some extra support?
  • Are you struggling with accomplishing your horse goals?
  • Do you lack confidence with your horse?
  • Do you feel fear when you are working with your horse?
  • Are you searching for a woman’s approach to a training program?
  • Do you want a better relationship with your horse?
  • Do you lack a connection with your horse?
  • Are you searching to build stronger rider awareness?
  • Do you want to become a stronger rider?
  • Do you wish you had a community of inspiration and support in your horse dreams?
  • Are you following your dreams?
  • Do you feel frustrated?
  • Do you lack motivation to continue working with your horse?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions you will love Horses-U!!


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Q. How can I reach you if I have trouble registering?

You shouldn’t!
But just in case you do, if you have any problems at all and need to get in touch with someone here is our contact information…
or within the United States please feel free to text or call Jenny at 404-379-9587

We do our best to be available between 9 to 5 daily but if by chance we are riding or showing please know we will be in touch asap and we are not ignoring you :)[/text_block]

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