Self Care is important!


Self care is the most important thing we can do to stay in a good mindset.
Self care is the foundation for a happy, BALANCED life.

It is okay to put your wants and NEEDS ahead of other things in your life.

Now, we don’t want to do that all the time, but find the right balance for you. If you can take an hour every day, either the beginning of the day, a down space in the middle or the evening before bed and set that aside as YOUR SELF CARE time. Block it off, schedule what you will do and stick to it, do not allow anything else to come up that could interfere with that time. It maybe an hour a day, a full day a week, or whatever balance feels right for you. In fact it could be spending 30 minutes a day doing these exercises for you, it is for you to decide.

Why is it so important for self care?

You need the time for yourself to recharge and connect back to yourself. It is the time to release all that is going on, quiet the self talk and hear only you.

Have you heard the analogy of the oxygen mask while flying?

You must always safely fasten your own oxygen mask before helping

others. For you have to help yourself to be in a situation where you

can then help another.

Self care rituals will be different for each person. Find things

that bring you peace, joy and the ability to relax, recharge and

hear your inner self. The goal is that you should always feel

recharged when you finish your self care time.

Here are just some ideas to help get you going.

But start a list of ideas in a cute little notepad or

journal and add to it over time as any idea comes to you.


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Most days you will find me with a coffee in one hand, hot pink manure pick in the other with my mind bubbling over dreaming up ways to help my horse girl sisters find their true selves & ride their best life every. single. day.


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