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From our signature “Align Extraordinary Horsemanship Insiders” membership, which guides you on a journey of personal growth and equine connection, to our innovative “Cannon Method” and “Heart Equation” approaches, and “Elevate Extraordinary Horsemanship Coaching Incubator”…

our offerings are designed to empower you and your horse.

Whether you’re seeking to build unshakable confidence, develop a deep bond with your equine partner, or achieve your wildest competitive dreams, Horsegirl.me has the tools and community to support you every step of the way.

“Align” Extraordinary Horsemanship Insiders is an invitation to step up beside and stand with the horse in a relationship where we can both BE MORE TOGETHER.

The Extraordinary Horsemanship System gives you a proven actionable horse training course of action that creates a willing, trusted, calm & connected partnership that keeps you safe, with a foundation that you can build on to do anything you can dream up with your horse from showing at the highest levels to riding through the fields at home for only $37  for a limited time only $27 a month

“Elevate” is our “Align” program with personal support.

The first complete horsemanship COACHING solution for horsewomen that gives you a complete blueprint to improve your confidence, handling & riding skills with an extraordinary horse training program THAT PUTS YOUR HORSE FIRST.

+ Coaching

+Personal Support & Guidance,



+A Boost of Encouragement when you need it

=You will become the horsewoman you want to be

Horses (and people for that matter) can not be at their best with the ability to learn, trust, & optimally use their bodies while feeling tense & nervous, hanging on to past trauma or pain …

Learn to teach your horse to come to you to feel safe & happy to exponentially grow your results in any riding disciple or simply enjoying your horse at home.

Go from a stressed, disconnected horse to a soft, willing, happy connected horse.

Without force, without pressure.
While still maintaining peak performance at home or in the show ring.

The Cannon Method helps you do all that and more!

Join the 1000s of women all over the world that use our planner to create & live a life they love!

The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

Join 1000s of women, setting yourself up to live with purpose, focus & progress using your passion for horses as the ultimate inspiration for living your best life with our best selling Equestrian Life Planner.

The Extraordinary Horse Training Journal

Track & Transform Your Sessions with Your Horse with our exclusive Extraordinary Horse Training Journal designed to Maximize Your Time and Streamline Your Progress.

Courses That Build Your Confidence

The Equestrian Confidence Tackbox

A library of actionable exercises to quickly improve your horsemanship skills to connect more deeply, overcome fear, and become a better rider & handler,

so you can build confidence that will spill into all areas of your life!

The Ride Fearlessly Blueprint

Get our proven, fear busting plan to overcome any type of fear to create the kind of confidence, true leadership, & trust in yourself that transforms your horsemanship (& may possibly change your life) without wasting another minute trying to figure it out on your own.

Get Back In The Saddle Again

4 Days to a Safer, Connected, More Confident, Calmer Horse

Learn the ultimate Pre-Ride Routine that prepares both yourself & your horse for a great ride…

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We are on a mission to help you have a calm, confident, connected, extraordinary partnership with your horse…

and transform your life in the process

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