Does Pressure Equal FEAR with a horse?

Monday is the beginning of  a new week. Time for new intentions, new thoughts and a new chance to make this week the best week yet.

If you can emerge from your cave, open and inviting to what the world and week has for you, it can set the tone for a magical week.

So much of what we experience in life, a situation, or when working with our horse is directly related to how we approach it.

If you can let go of judgement, preconceived ideas on how it will be or how it will go, it allows a more organic experience.

Today, tell yourself that just for today, I will be open to experience all that the universe brings forth to me.

Just for today, I will let go of judgement and see things for their beauty.

Just for today, I will not be angry.

Just for today, I will not give up.


Tell yourself, I can do this just for today. Not forever, not for a month, not for a week, but just for today.

Just for Today – Not just for People

This is the same principle I incorporate when working with my horses. It takes the pressure off to imagine an entire month, or the feeling that goes with that pressure.

It allows for just today, live in the moment, be and work in just today. After all tomorrow is just another today. Learn to break each day into just a today, each training session with your horse into just a today.

It is amazing the pressure you will feel dissipate, for both you, the horse woman, as well as your horse partner.

After all, pressure can feel like FEAR. Pressure can trigger the same responses physically and emotionally as FEAR.

I see all the time, in both horses and humans the shift from pressure to fear.

This is a quick shift that most of the time no one is aware of in the moment. Take the pressure off!! JUST FOR TODAY!

I hope you can approach each day, as JUST FOR TODAY. Carry that over into your training sessions, and work sessions with your horse as well. Tell yourself and your horse, JUST FOR TODAY we are going to do this, try this, or be this.



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