Here's what other equestrian women say about our programs, and challenges...

I cannot say enough good things about Horses-U!!

This program is a godsend for me!!

Jen and Kristin reflect amazing friendliness, knowledge, and dedication.

They can relate to everything a horse owner goes through and can help each person find confidence and ability to connect with their horses.

They inspire success, understanding, and passion for the horse relationship, and I appreciate their assistance in planning and working the plan.

They are always very welcoming even though they manage so many things on a personal and business level, always ready to give help and feedback.

The Horses-U group feels like family to me, and I consider it a joy and privilege to be part of this group. I would recommend Horses-U to anyone!!

Teri Hinrichs

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I am loving being a part of this life changing group! Jen and Kristin DeLibero you two are amazing!

This time last year, I owned a 16 yr old 17.1 hand OTTB who was level 4 classical dressage trained and jumped 3'6". That being said he had TMJ, so training was tricky and he could be scary as H E double hocky sticks when he hurt. The last time he scared me I didnt want to ride again. And I didnt for several months! I retired him and turned him out.
But around September, I am looking for a "horse". Parker showed up, I went to look at him and bought him.
Well 8 months later, my confidence is back and I am not scared!
The best part, I HAVE A PARTNER AGAIN!!! He is more than just a horse, hes helped me so much with my confidence and life. He gives me an outlet. Single mommyhood can be difficult without an escape!  - Kim Bowers

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