Overcome Horse Fear videos.

Videos you can watch and incorporate this weekend.

With October Spooktacular focus on fear and overcoming your horse fear,

I wanted to make sure everyone has watched these two great videos on helping you gain confidence with your horse.

The video I want to make sure and share and you can go out and use this weekend is

‘Check Your Baggage At The Gate.’

This video gives you a great tip to help and make each session with your horse the best it can be.

Go watch right now!!

Another great video is the ‘Centaur Exercise’

This is a great tip to improve your riding skills, and this exercise can help you as a rider as much as your horse.

These two videos give you tips and exercises to go do NOW.

3 Equestrian Mindset Mastery Tools To Boost Your Confidence & Give Fear The Boot


Let me show you how to quickly calm your uncertainty, fear  & anxiety and get you back focused, and riding your best.


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