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October is a great month to focus on overcoming and being aware of fear. October can take the idea of fear and spooky, and make it fun and playful. Think of how fun costumes, and parties can be.

Haunted houses can push the fear envelope and overcoming fear. Yet, in a fun and playful way. What if year round we could recognize our fears and find a fun and playful way to ease those fears?

That would be the goal and challenge I have for everyone this month!! Be aware of your fears and see if you can lessen the idea of fear by trying to make a game, or a funny and playful thought out of it. Fear can be paralyzing and the mind can shut off the feel to our body when the fear adrenaline kicks in.

Being aware of when you begin to feel that heightened awareness, taking a step back and waiting for you to come back into your body is the key to awareness and working with fear. You do not want to try and push through or continue when your adrenaline and fear or flight instinct takes over.

It shuts you off from being able to hear your own voice, and connect to your heart center. This is how you can feel for your true instinct and honor what you are feeling. STOP, WAIT and then continue once the fear has lessened and you can feel in your body again, not just a response of fear.

Make sure to watch the 5 Minute Tip To Overcoming Fear Video!!! CLICK HERE NOW to watch the video!!!!


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