Kristin riding bareback and bridleless

“The earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have, and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be.”

Amy Poehler

 “I should be”…   The one mental behavior that  guarantees failure…

This is a tough one. And a dragon that we may have to slay over and over.

Let go of “I should be.”

“I should be further along”

“I should have known”

“I should be successful in my business by now”

“I should be cantering”

“My horse should be better at that by now”

“I should be riding trails by myself”

“I should be stronger”


Who said? Who said you should be?

You get the idea. You compare your progress with others and think you “should be” doing whatever others are doing.

As long as you are trying, as long as you are making progress “you should be” right where you are…


as soon as you are happy with where you are,

you will find the focus to get to where you want to go.


Let go of  the “should be(s)”

Today, grab a piece of paper.

Quickly write down all the should be(s) that you say to yourself.

Only stay in the space for a minute or two.

Now look back at your should be(s). Catch yourself every time you hear yourself starting to say one of these.

The more aware you become of when you start your should be(s),
the easier it is to shut them down right away.

Trust us on this one,

Kristin & Jenny