Here’s a leg up to get your year off to a great start!

The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner Quick Start Guide is below

Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Of Your Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

 Set yourself up to live with strength, focus & massive momentum using your passion for horses as the ultimate tool for living your best life.

Create A Life You Love

The Extraordinary Planner is designed to help you balance your entire life in one happy place

Together we will create a coach in your “pocket” to keep you moving forward!

From riding horses at home
to competing at the highest levels
the Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner
has the tools you need to accomplish your goals 
and live at your best…

“As we show up more & more in our lives as our truest, best self, our life & horsemanship transforms to the extraordinary.”

Let’s get started!

Here’s a step by step guide to the science, successful horsemanship principles & high-performance strategies behind the planner
& how to set it up quickly & easily.

Remember for a deeper dive into inspiration, specific exercises & guidance refer to the “Your Extraordinary Year… Fresh Start Workshop”

The best place to start is where you are…

And where you are is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

A Quick Big Picture Overview. A Word of Warning. Motivation. Inspiration…

Before we jump in, a little love note…

None of this is meant to feel like pressure. You DO NOT have to have everything figured out. You DO NOT need anything more than you have. 

You may not need every page in this planner today. If you will just create the first 6 pages and review them every morning☀ your life will start to transform.

If & when the process feels sloppy or hard… if you find yourself staring at a blank page pencil something in and move forward…you will discover the “answers” when you look for them.

Keep going. I promise you, you will be so glad you did.

Supporting Download

You will find the “Quick Start Guide” to tear out in the back of your printed planner. Click here to download if you need another one.

Step 1: Capture Your Vision To Set Your Destination


Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in your life, the impact you want to make and who you want to become.


Not only do you want to be clear, but make it exciting & inspiring to keep you motivated for times when things are not easy.


Make this as simple or as complex as you need! Start with one goal written out if you’d like. Do not get stuck here! Keep moving.

Supporting Downloads

Power-full Words Sheet for brainstorming your “Manifesto” Page

Click here to download

Bonus Training

The Horse Girl “Equestrian Core Value Clarity” Worksheet

Click here to download


HorseGirl™ Logo to use as a shape for your manifesto! This is only for your use for the manifesto as this is our trademarked logo. Believe it or not this stuff is so expensive to create so  please protect the horse girl brand and don’t make it a public shape. Download here hit right click and save to your desktop

Congratulations!! You are making progress!

Step 2: Plan Your Work… Create An Action Plan

Now that you have determined your destination & goals, it’s time to make it actionable.
Make a list. Mind map.
Add due dates,milestones & specifics.
You can use Monthly Task List Pages to break this down further.
These tasks will later be assigned to your weekly pages.

Can you see how taking tiny strides each day you can do most anything?

Step 3: Create Your Success Habits


Habits and the daily discipline of life does not sound fun. So, we call them “Bliss-iplines


Create the daily rituals, you will be disciplined to do every day to be sure you feel your best, have the strength to follow through, be at your best & find your “bliss”!


Also create a list, on this page, 5 things that you will do to stay on the course when life tries to buck you off.

Supporting Download

The Plan To Spur On… HorseGirl™ In”Spur”ation Guide borrowed from our brand new “Equestrian Growth Hub: Horse Girl On Purpose”!

This will give you ALL the notes including your “Power-Full Words” and Blissiplines ideas for this section!

yep, you got this. Keep going…

Step 4: Design Your Best Day


Create the best daily, weekly & morning schedule that works for you, this will give you a template to follow to save time as you plan out your weekly schedule.

Now you are cooking with gas! Keep going…

Step 5: Set Up Your Growth Assessment Tracker


Empower yourself by assigning areas you are working on to track monthly.

This will help you to see how far you have come and areas you need to work on before you get out of balance.

It’s coming together!

Step 6: Create A Big Picture View For The Year Ahead

2022 Big Annual View

Create a year at a glance page, this will help you to see the year ahead and your milestones & big dates all in one place.

**Pro Tip: Put all the horse events… dream vacation in pencil so you will know when they are and be prepared, but if you can’t go, you just erase it and go. BUT at least you won’t miss something because you don’t have in your schedule!


Keep going you are almost there!

Step 7: Number Your Days


Fill in the dates on your monthly calendar and 1 month of the weekly schedule pages

The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner arrives updated for 2 reasons…

  1. You can get started at any time of the year
  2. It is a powerful exercise to write with your own hand the days that lie before you

Included with your planner you should find an Annual Calendar postcard to hang in your planning space. Use this to help you to fill in your dates. If you need another one you can download it here.

** pro tip: use the printed Annual Planner to help you to “number your days”. Go to the month and fill in the dates of all the Sundays, then when you go back and fill in the rest of the days you will know right away if you are off track. You will be shocked how fast you can do this!

You are so close! 

Step 8: Create Your First Monthly Master Task List


If you created a training plan on the “Goal Blueprint” in Step 2 go back and pull what you had planned for milestones for this month and put it on the left side. Horse goals (and life goals!) always need wiggle room adjust as necessary AND give yourself grace!


Create your first monthly master to do list working off of your “Chip Away” List.


You can also use this page as a monthly journal to write down your highlights.

Pro Tip: If you are like me and prefer to work off of a master task lists, but you have multiple horses + multiple business projects + multiple house projects download and printout as many of these checklists as you need for different projects, then paper clip them to the “Monthly To-Do List” page, then assign the tasks into your weekly & daily schedule to check your lists off one stride at a time!

Download here

Almost to the finish line! Keep going!!

Step 9: Get Your Dreams Out Of Your Head & Into Your Schedule


Create your first weekly schedule! Use your “perfect day” schedules as a template & fill in the blanks. Pull your tasks from your “Monthly Master List”

Just one more quick step and you’ve got your foundation planned for the year. (this should say 95% complete not 90%! Almost ready to ride!)

Step 10: Fill In The Pages In The Back Of The Planner


These pages are pretty self-explanatory, use them as you wish!


The coloring page at the end of the book is meant to destress or fill in a little space to reward yourself for making progress, and watch the color fill in!

You did it!!!!! Now keep building.

Day by Day LIVE the live you ♥

Want more training, tracking, challenges & support?

The story behind the equestrian planner…

The story behind the equestrian planner…
In 2007, I couldn’t stay on track. Depressed. Overwhelmed. Totally stuck.

I was totally obsessed personal development & time management, but something wasn’t clicking. I couldn’t find a system that I could stick with.

My life was all over the place, and I couldn’t get consistent enough working with my horses to make any type of progress.

Finally, I had enough.

I sat down on my old laptop & put everything I had learned through my years of studying all in one place and the first raw version of my equestrian planner was born.

Since that day typing away on my rickety old desk in my bedroom, I have been able to…
co-create TheHorseTrainingChannel.com
co-create Horse Girl Riding Academy,
train & show my own show team,
coach women from all over the world online,
travel to France,
co-create programs with amazing trainers like Charlotte Cannon &
move back to my Grandparents farm in Illinois,
finally, get control of depression
progress daily in following my riding passion.

I am not saying life is always perfect or without struggles but, trust me, if I can go from starting at rock bottom to a life I could only dream was possible in the past,
imagine what you can do!!!

Jenny Rohlen-Barker
Creator of The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

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