“Just for today”, a secret mindset.

When we can look at each day as its own individual day and moment sometimes it releases the stress or dread of having to do something forever.

If you think, I must be grateful for things every day for the rest of my life, that can feel overwhelming and perhaps even bring up a feeling of dread.

If you think, just for today I am going to be grateful, that sure makes things seem much easier to achieve.

Look at each day, as just that day. Focus on living in the moment and the feeling of just that day. Make each single day the most successful, and the best day of your life.

This inspiration is the way of the Usui Reiki method, it is the Reiki blessing. This is a way of thinking and living that can shift us to making today and all about today amazing. Don’t think so much about tomorrow that you lose today, as there will never be another today.

For today only do not anger, do not worry.


For today only… be Grateful, do your Work with Appreciation, be Kind to all living things. In the morning and at night, Think this in your mind.


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