find yourself

With time for the things you love

Overcoming obstacles

Creating true connection

Living at your best

when you put the “extra” in ordinary equestrian life becomes extraordinary.

Tired of feeling like…

you might get hurt

you might not be able to handle your horse

you might not be doing it “right”

you’re not “good” enough

or heck you can’t even find the time or motivation to ride

(but you can’t begin give it up either?)

We can help with all that and more. Here’s What to do next:


Not sure where to even begin or how to where you want to be? Get instant access to our free guided online workshop & download The “One Page Plan” That Makes Everything Possible . From tackling fear to financial goals to aspiring to ride at the highest levels you will come away with a ton of inspiration and a plan of action.


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Happy horses & riders are created here.

Hey Horse Girl sister!

I’m Jenny.

It may sound a little strange, but I am kinda like an equestrian confidence fairy lol.

Don’t worry,  I won’t sprinkle you with pixie dust.

My goal, along with my friends is to get your bottom in the saddle doing what you love.

With a step by step plan to help you believe & trust in yourself.

To find greater joy & fun in your horsemanship that will spill into all areas of life.

It’s also, time to make our horses happy too. To rethink traditional horse training giving your horse a voice & a choice to create true, authentic partnership.

It’s not only the right thing to do…it’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

You can learn more about me here and the mission of HorseGirl.me and our secret society of Horse Girls here.

You might know me from…

Ready to put the “extra” in ordinary to create the extraordinary?


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