Jen Rohlen-Barker

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I am a horse girl.

This is the part when I am supposed to tell you all my accolades,
how wonderful I am and why you should hang out here.
(you can get all the nitty gritty details about me below if you are interested!)
But just for a minute, I’d like to tell you what I know about you,
then I can tell you about me ? 
Your love of horses was put in you for a reason,
it was imprinted in your DNA before you were born
I don’t know why you are on this equestrian journey
but it is no accident,
and it is no accident we are meeting here either.
Around here we talk horses,
and I may even drop an f bomb or 2 as Marie Forleo calls it
No not that f bomb!
The Faith f bomb and belief,
in yourself, your horse and even God
So let’s travel together, 2 new friends meeting up for a ride.
Let’s talk about how to make our life easier,
how to get the most out of ourselves and be at our best,
let’s solve our problems with our horses,
support each other’s dreams,
but more than dream let’s make a plan
let’s no longer leave life to chance but
live. on. purpose.
every. single. day.
Let’s work together make the world a better place
for our horses by listening, and making them happy too!
I believe both you & your horse are meant to shine.
And the best relationships are when we are all allowed to be at our best selves.
So this site is not about me, it is about you too!
I can’t wait to hear your story.


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You are still here!

Wow! You are a good friend!

Well, here’s more about me then.

I have always been a horse crazy kid.

All my life I dreamed of horses and becoming a horse trainer.

I found one of my diaries from when I was a little girl and all I wrote about was my grandfather’s horses and when he would let me ride.

My grandpa rode and trained horses in the Calvary and was a little bit hard on us kids.

But that didn’t stop my sister and I.

Every summer or spring break we went to my grandparent’s farm and did whatever it took to get to ride.

I did that until I was 16 years old and we were able to go to shows on our own.

The first summer, we borrowed our Grandmother’s car and Grandpa got us a little 2 horse bumper pull and off we would go.

I know I drove my mother crazy.

I studied every article on horse training I could find.

Grandpa introduced me to the “All American Quarter Horse Congress” where we would go every year and watch western pleasure for hours and hours and big dreams were planted in my heart.

I trained my own mare, Wat Cha Say Babe, as a 3 year old to qualify for the youth team for the Congress and the Youth World.

I had no idea how much I had to learn.

When I “grew up” (if I ever grew up!) I got into video production in the hopes of making lots of money to support my horse habits.

Ha! Instead of money I got an education.

Every time we got together, my sister and brother-in-law, Jessica and Jeff Heuer would talk and debate about our favorite studs and over one family dinner dreamed up an idea for the “Hottest Pleasure Stallion” video series.

A video with all our favorites Quarter Horse stallions in one place.

We had no connections with the major players in the pleasure horse industry and the 1st Edition we had to beg people to be on the video for free!

For the 2nd Edition, Ann Myers, the owner of the phenomenal, World and Congress Champion, and All-Time Leading Sire Zips Chocolate Chip liked our idea and became a friend.

It is no wonder Ann has had such an impact on the industry she is so opened minded and supportive of others.

Through Ann, I met World Champion trainer Cleve Wells when he was first starting his clinics, and he gave me my start in producing horse training videos.

Through Cleve, I met and produced videos for World Cup Team Coach and AQHA Horsewoman of the Year, Nancy Cahill, what an amazing horsewoman and person, and other well known horse industry professionals.

I was honored to not only produce videos for such outstanding horse women as Amy Gumz and Dana Hokana, but am blessed to call them dear friends.

Producing The Hottest Pleasure Stallion Series enabled me to study on video most of the major sires that have made of our pleasure horses what they are today.

I studied and studied horses in slow motion, backwards and forwards.

Great horses, such as Potential Investment, Vested Pine, A Sudden Impulse, Chips Hot Chocolate, Invested Dimensions and Invitation Only to name a few taught me invaluable lessons in what to look for in a great mover.

In 2001, life threw me some curves (or maybe I did the throwing) and the road God used to bring me back, led back to my dream I had as a kid… to train horses.

I’ve taken the lessons I learn daily from my horses, from my grandfather and the wonderful people who allowed me to learn about their programs through video production and put together a program to help other “horse crazy kids” both young and old reach their horse dreams.

I believe the lessons we learn from our horses and riding, can, when we put thought to it, be lessons learned to form successful lives.

I am currently striving to use these principles in my own life and working to develop the Horses-U program with the goal of sharing what I have learned from the school of hard knocks to help others.

jen w ribbons-poloroidI was blessed to show a lot the last couple of years at the AQHA level with a client leading the state in 3 states in 2013 in the Novice Pleasure and being top 15 at the AQHA Novice World Championship in both Halter and Novice Amateur Western Pleasure in both 2012 & 2013.

As well as numerous other awards with the rest of my barn buddies.

I love, love, love to show, but as time has gone on I felt the pull to get back to the basics.

I made some major life decisions in 2014 and went full time focusing on Horses-U Riding Academy and our community here and my own horses.

As well as this program I have a super cool job and get to produce and partner on TheHorseTrainingChannel.com.

I am blessed with the most wonderful family and friends, amazing, supportive husband and my grown up babies and the sweet loves of my life, Chelsie and Casey.

Well! Thank you for listening to my story! Now, I can’t wait to hear yours!

May God bless your ride.

Jenny Rohlen-Barker

HorseGirl.me   TheHorseTrainingChannel.com

Friend me on facebook under Jen Rohlen-Barker


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