Invisible Chains

I just had a weird thought a while back, gathering information for a workshop. What if there was like a little movie that I was forced to watch compiled of little clips of all the things I have missed out on in my life because I was too afraid consciously or unconsciously to try or follow through with them. How many great rides have I missed, people I might have met, experiences I could have had? Business opportunities lost. I actually got tears in my eyes thinking about this. What have I missed out on?! I will never know, thankfully right? I don’t know if I would really want to know. Now that I understand fear in a different way, I know how it causes us to self-sabotage and stay small trying to play it safe. I think so many times we don’t even know that fear is the culprit. A business coach, I worked with for a period of time, Ruth Soukup explains it so well in her book “Do It Scared” she writes…

“Fear is a funny thing. It’s one of our most basic instincts, intended to protect us from all those dangers that might cause us harm and to jolt us to action when a threat becomes imminent. Our fear is designed to save us, and interestingly enough, a lack of fear in perilous situations could actually be a sign of mental illness. We’re supposed to be scared. And yet that same fear can also be an invisible chain that ties us down and keeps us stuck. Instead of keeping us safe, it paralyzes us and prevents us from moving forward, from taking risks or putting ourselves out there, from having the courage to follow our dreams and create a life we love. The very instinct designed to protect us also holds us back.”

Ruth Soukup, from her book Do It Scared We must learn to differentiate between fear that is truly keeping us safe in our horsemanship (and life) and fear that is holding us back. Think about that little movie I was telling you about above. I am determined that from this moment on that movie will have nothing else in it. How about you? Let’s start right now to live purposely with no regrets.


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