It is easy to only focus on our riding strength, balance and body position when we are at the barn.

For so many of us that is limited to only an hour a couple days a week at the barn.

BUT there are ways to improve our riding balance and body position in our daily life.

YES it does carry over and is something we can be working on everyday.

Our posture in our daily life is directly related to our riding. If we sit up tall and ask our body to be aligned and strong when we ride that is not much muscle memory. Our muscle memory or strength wants to revert back to how we are 90 percent of the time, not 10 percent.

So use your daily life to work on good posture. (This is important for so many reasons not just riding.)

Notice how you sit in your chair at your computer or at work.

How do you walk around as you go through your day?

To help improve your body for riding, as you sit at your desk or while you are at work be mindful and sit tall. Bring your chest up, keep your shoulders back and alleviate the habits of slouching.

As you walk throughout your day keep your back straight has and shoulders up and back.

These little changes in your daily routine will carry over to muscle memory in your riding.

Not to mention…standing tall and keeping your shoulders back helps to raise your confidence level.

Being purposeful and mindful will positively carry over to your riding.

We don’t always need a horse to work on improving our riding.