Would you live your life differently if someone was watching you?

Imagine for a moment that you will have a guest accompanying you throughout your day tomorrow.

This person’s task will be to follow you around from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.

They will take copious notes about your schedule,

how you interact with your family and friends,

how you engage in your tasks and projects,

and your mind-set through it all. Once the day is over,

this person will spend the next few days processing their observations,

draw conclusions about your motivations,

and compile their notes into a book about you that will stand as the definitive record of your life and work.

How would you act differently tomorrow if you knew that your actions and attitude on that one day were going to be a permanent testament to your life?


If Someone Was Watching

If you’re like many people to whom I’ve posted this question,

you would probably get up a little earlier,

pay extra attention to your family

and the barista at Starbucks,

be fully vested in every meeting,

meticulous in every task,

call up an old friend for lunch,

reconcile with an alienated colleague,

and generally wrap up loose ends.

Next I ask, ‘How does your imagined behavior compare with how you are actually living your life today?’”

—Todd Henry from Die Empty

This was a quote that was showed up today in my daily email from Brian Johnson of Entheos.


How would you ride differently if your mentor, idol or favorite judge was sitting by the ring watching?

What would you do differently in your daily routine if they were there to follow you around at the barn?

Would you sit a little taller, hold your leg a little quieter?

So let’s try it today.

I am going to bet it will allow you to make quantum leaps in our lives and improve your horsemanship.

Love you so much,

Kristin & Jenny