How To Teach Your Horse To Line Drive

Done correctly, line driving is a super effective way to teach and fix problems with your horse safely from the ground…


It is a safe way to…

☑develop a work ethic if you are having behavior problems
☑build strength & flexibility in young horses before riding
☑PLUS you are doing extra desensitizing with your lines
☑and getting better with your hands & timing

With some practice, you can use it to fix all kinds of problems with your horse, (such as bucking & rearing)

Timeless horsemanship principles, used softly while “listening” to your horse’s body language & what she is telling you, produce extraordinary results.

Here are a few safety tips to get you started:

✔use a snaffle bit or a sidepull, never a shank bit

✔if you are not feeling confident, or you are new to horses, do your horse “homework” which is groundwork & have solid ground manners before trying

✔make sure to do some desensitizing before attaching your lines to prevent your horse from getting spooked while getting started

❌do not drive from directly behind your horse, you can get knocked off your feet from this position if your horse lunges forward, you will be surprised at how much leverage & strength you have if you walk to the side or at times you may want to be like in a lunging position

✔if you do not have training rings on your saddle, you can run the lines through your stirrups, but be sure to tie them together under your horse’s belly

✔have your saddle cinched up snug as if you were riding to prevent slipping

❌do not wrap the lines around your hands or in any way be attached to you in case your horse does a big spook

❌don’t forget to take your spurs off lol, no seriously don’t forget getting your line caught up in your spurs can cause you to do a face plant in the dirt or worse!

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