Horse Show Tips To Keep A Great Show Coat Year Round Part 1: Lights

Secrets To A Slick, Beautiful Horse Hair Coat

Use these tips to help you set up lights in your horse’s stall to keep a slick, shiny hair coat all year long!

The most important things to remember to keep your slick summer show

coat all year long…

1. Make sure your wiring and lighting is not a barn fire hazard

2. The light need to be on a timer that is set to be on 16 hours per day

3. Florescent bulbs put off much less heat and are energy efficient,

but they have to put out enough light. With fluorescent lights I have

found the bulbs that put off more of a white light, like the sun does

as opposed to a yellowish light work better, so you might buy a couple

test bulbs to test out before buying a barn’s worth ?

4. Remember by keeping your horse slick, you are taking God’s natural

protection from them it becomes your responsibility to properly blanket

them and keep them warm and regulate their body temperature. But if

you have goals to show year round it is necessary to keep a beautiful slick


5. Remember to keep the cob webs clear around your bulbs and outlets.

A couple more thoughts

You can lose a great horse hair coat very quickly!

Be consistent.

If you go to a show for more than a couple days you will need to set up temporary lighting for them. Also lighting will effect a mare’s heat cycle. Breeding farms will use lights early in the year to get your mare to start cycling. So keep this in mind for your mare. You need to be consistent and not keep them under lights one week and in a stall without lights the next. If they are under lights on a timer for the same length of time consistently their cycle will remain the same.

It seems strange to think about lights and winter hair coats when it is still pretty hot here in the South. But you need to start this in September and October as daylight is getting shorter. We will usually keep them on year round.

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