Cherish the love, you have all the tools now.

The greatest gift you can give is Love.

The Holiday season is meant to share love, memories and joy with our loved ones and family.

Stay true to that focus and make sure all that you do and say is coming with love.

If you feel with your heart and focus on projecting love to everyone around you it will show.

You will feel like you are living pure positive joy and the energy of love will emanate from your heart.

Remind yourself to focus on LOVE!

I am hopeful that these quick Holiday Mindset Tools article series, have helped give you the opportunity to enjoy a magical holiday with all those loved ones around you.

Make this Holiday Season the best yet, give yourself and everyone around you the gift of Love.

Happy Holidays!

3 Equestrian Mindset Mastery Tools To Boost Your Confidence & Give Fear The Boot


Let me show you how to quickly calm your uncertainty, fear  & anxiety and get you back focused, and riding your best.


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Charlotte Cannon’s Enlightened Experience

I had the most enlightening experience last night riding Fame. I pondered it overnight, don’t know if I’ve got it sorted out yet. I’ve been working a bunch out of town and Fame has been vacationing. He is always happy for time with mom, I am too, so I usually just...


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