Take a Moment To Get Away.

We all need to remember in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, to take a moment to get away.

It is important for us all to take a moment to sit and relax.

We can all get caught up in how exciting the holidays are, and even all the people and fun.

If we get overwhelmed, too tired or even too excited that can leave us feeling like not ourselves.

A perfect example is Holiday parties or a holiday dinner.

When you are in a house full of people this Holiday and have friends or family celebrating with you, take a moment at some point during the festivities to just sneak away and take five minutes for yourself.

It is surprising how just stepping away and taking a moment will refuel and re-center you.

At times we can begin to feel on people overload when we are around people and family for a long period of time.

Holiday with the family can especially bring this out in people.

A room full of family members, perhaps some tensions or feelings from residual reasoning.

It is especially important in the holiday family time to step out and take a break.

It can be a five minute walk, sitting alone outside for five minutes, finding something to go sit and quietly read for five minutes, it can be a quick five minute nap.

Just make sure at some point, before you begin to feel overwhelmed with all the people and emotions, you take a little time out.

This is different than self care

You are not focusing on connecting with yourself and spending the time on you.

This is absolute relaxed, think about nothing, don’t concentrate on anything time.

It is time to just be, to just let go and re-charge.

A break away also will clear any of the emotions and energy sticking to you.

This tool is not only great for the holiday’s but think about this anytime you are in a large gathering or social situation, or even a work situation if needed.

It is always better to take the time to get away for yourself.


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