Always Look Forward.


Keep the Holiday spirit up by looking forward to an event,

get together, or seeing family.
If you can have one event to look forward to for the Holiday Season, that can help keep the joy and excitement coming. I like to look forward to seeing a particular family member. Maybe you have a special holiday party this year. Whatever the excitement is for you, hold that focus and keep that excitement through the Holidays. It could perhaps even be a trip or vacation after the Holidays.

Remember the Holiday Season extends through New Year’s Day as well. So, perhaps the excitement of the end of this year and the beginning of a New Year filled with new adventures is your focus.

So many times, we lose the focus on the happy event, place or people we will be surrounded by during the holiday season. Hold to that one happy and exciting space and you can hold your excitement through the entire holiday season.

I know for me personally I will get a little “down” or sad at times after the conclusion of the holiday joy and excitement. It is almost the let down or low that it is over or has come to end.

But why? We can live in the Holiday Season year round if we chose to.

We have New Year’s and all the excitement, goal setting, new intentions and shifts in our life to keep us very busy through January. Hold that New Year excitement and intention and then come February the month of love is on us. I love February!

An entire month devoted to love ….really how can that be any better?! love yourself, love the people in your life and just love life.

Find that special feeling and joy of something to look forward to and enjoy that forward ride. It can be as joyous and fun as you decide to make it. Focus on that joy and making a game of staying in the joy of Holidays year round….then when next year’s Holiday Season comes along you never would have left.


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