vol. 3: Lessons Learned from Re-Starting The Older Horse

Something to think about…

So many of you have shared my journey with my in re-starting my mare Raven, over the past year.
I see myself in her so much. In the way she guards her heart, the same way I guard mine.

The way her trust is so hard to earn and so easily lost.

Aside from the metaphors and the healing I had experienced in working with her, there are real tangible obstacles you may face in getting an older horse back to work.

Why ReStarting can be different than the untrained horse…

a restarted older horse has been around a while,

she doesn’t wonder if life or people can hurt her… she knows they can

a restarted horse has already developed patterns of thinking, behavior or movement

a restarted horse may have had her confidence & trust in humans and herself broken

a restarted horse not only has to learn… she has to unlearn

Some obstacles you might face on your ReStarting Journey:

➡ past trauma
➡ improper training that has become a habit
➡ pain in thier body
➡ resistance to work, lack of work ethic
➡ learned anxiousness
➡ stiffness/weakness
➡ they would rather be with their friends than working with you

Sadly, this could all also pertain to us as the human part
of the equation.

But the relationship rewards are worth climbing over the obstacles.

Something to try…

I was going to pull pieces out of this training to share, but I don’t want to leave you with any stone left unturned.

Take the time to jump in and watch the full Re-Starting The Older Horse: Raven’s Story,
take what you need for your horse and store the rest in your mental training tackbox for another time.

REMEMBER! Be safe! I am not there with you with your horse, trust your intuition. GO SLOW. Get help where you need it!

Words to live by…

Despite the steps along the journey

you might need help…

YOU are the right person to guide

and guard your horse’s heart, mind,

body & soul in this process.

Jenny Barker

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