vol. 2: Teach Your Horse Relaxation

Something to think about…

Horses (and people for that matter) can not be at their best with the ability to learn, trust, & optimally use their bodies while feeling tense & nervous, hanging on to past trauma or pain …

learning to teach your horse to come to you to feel safe & happy can exponentially grow your results,

optimize your performance in any riding discipline or simply to enjoy your horse at the deepest level of connection at home.

This is why after connected leadership, relaxation is at the core of our training model. 

Both our horses and ourselves need to be relaxed in order to learn.

Relaxation is more than just chillin’, it is a state of presence, and ultimately like a state of “flow”.

Something to try…

You might be thinking, those are nice ideas about relaxation, but how can I intentionally teach my horse to relax.
Charlotte Cannon is a master at thinking outside of the box to create exercises that trigger relaxation,
here’s are 2 quick videos to give you some ideas.

One as an overview the other to take action.

Watch how Charlotte takes this 2 year old who starts out very fresh & full of himself,
find relaxation in around 20 minutes, then take action and try some of the tips!

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Words to live by…

“When we are working with our horses, we are often working on ourselves.

We are working on becoming more present, softer inside & out, more empathetic.

We are working on bringing our energy to a place the horse wants to be.

We don’t need to lower to mother and coddle, and we don’t need to be so big and strong that we push the horse into compliance and submission.

True connection and partnership come from BOTH souls being present…

“Be what you want to see in your horse.”

Charlotte Cannon

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