Teach Your Horse To Work With You At Liberty

Without Chasing, Whips, or Ropes…

 without the pressure, fear & intimidation of traditional horse training…

This method works for the professional…to the complete liberty beginner


Bottom line, Harmony At Liberty will show you how to create a deeper connection & partnership with your horse while have fun teaching them to work with you at liberty.


Harmony At Liberty

You can do more with your horse…
with less

Watch One Of The World’s Most Competitive Mustang & OTTB Horse Trainers, Pull Back The Curtain Of How She Can Accomplish So Much With Her Horses In Such A Short Amount of Time.

Tune into this quick 2-minute course introduction with Lindsey.

“Lindsey is amazing, I love the bond she has with her horses. I’ve judged her at Equine Affaire a couple of times in the Versatile Horse and rider competition and her horsemanship and connection with her horses really stands out!”

Warwick Schiller

Working with your horse at liberty is the ultimate form of communication and when you supercharge your lessons with Lindsey Partridge’s gentle & kind, yet super effective methods, you and your horse as a team become truly connected and the possibilities of what you can do together become endless.

“Can I say how much I love your program! It works! With every session we just continue to open new doors and find new fun things to learn!  What freedom!”

Melissa Ellis

You’ll quickly see why there is no one more qualified to learn from than, Champion, Lindsey Partridge


Multiple Champion & Reserve Champion Mustang Training Challenge 


Multiple Champion, Reserve Champion & Finalist, of Trail, Field Hunter, Freestyle, and Ranch at the Thoroughbred Makeover


Horse Trainer for feature films including Unbridled, Autumn Stables, and the Farmer and the Belle


Founder of Harmony Horsemanship

“I’ve put my entire liberty formula into this course so you can copy my success with your horse.”

“Lindsey thank you very very much. More than you can ever imagine.”

Nyx Nightshade

Imagine, the progress you will make when you walk into the barn knowing what you will be working on that day…

Here’s What You Will Learn In The Course…

all without whips, ropes, chasing or round pens

What passive leadership is & how to use it so that you can attain true partnership 

The 4 things you need to observe in your horse to have a deeper understanding of your horse and her/his style of learning & adjust for greater impact.

6 unique join up games (with different games for different types of horses) so that you can connect with your horse even in wide-open spaces

Specific step by step techniques to teach your horse the 8 different fundamental exercises that we can ask a horse to do… so that you can build the foundation you must have to teach your horse to do almost anything

4 games that build draw with your horse (getting your horse to come) so that your horse will come to you when asked

Tips throughout the entire training to keep your sessions interesting and fun to your horse so that she/he loves to be with you

I really like matching energy, using hand for marker, hand touch before treat, and the overall set up of the course.” Ryan Buckley, Ryan’s Trick Horses

Here is what you will get…

Building Confidence 12-week course with lifetime access even after the course ends so you can check back anytime & never feel like you are falling behind ($777 Value)

Biweekly Live Q&A Videos with Lindsey so that you can have easy access to be able to ask your questions if you get stuck ($497 Value)

1 Video Submission to get feedback & coaching to so that you can be sure you are on the right track ($100 Value)


Super Awesome Dedicated Support Team so that you have help right away if you forget your password need to talk to a real person on the phone ($97 Value)

Plus these special bonuses…


4 Video Submissions to get feedback & coaching ($300 Value)


1 Month Free Subscription To Harmony Horsemanship Connection Club ($25 Value)


Harmony Horsemanship Trick Training Course ($49 Value)

Total Value: $1671

This program will be priced at $777 in the future, but for now, we will continue to honor introductory pricing

… just think of all you will achieve for far less than a month of training at a local trainer…

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with Lindsey! Because of the hands on nature of this course, class size is limited and registration will only open several times a year if you miss this registration you will have to wait until the next opening to apply. 

This 12 week guided course session starts January 4th, 2021

This is for you if…


If You’ve Ever Searched For A New Way To Train & Create The Ultimate Connection With Your Horse Without All The Pressure Of Traditional Horse Training


You love learning new things you can work on & teach your horse


You want to inspire your horse WANT to be with you


You want to create a closer bond with your horse


Want to be more effective in your training


Want to be a part of a movement of kinder, gentler horsemanship

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

After sign up, you will receive an email with access to your first introductory lessons in the course. On August 31st, the next module will open up in your portal.

Then the following week (Week 2), Lindsey will host a live Q&A session in the course private Facebook group to help you.

Week 3 you will receive the next module in your portal

Week 4 Q&A with Lindsey

And so forth!

You will receive a class schedule & your link to the private Facebook group on August 31st when the session begins (this allows students in the previous session to finish their class- and helps prevent confusion).


"There are several liberty courses out there how do I know which one is right for me?"

Great question! If you have ever searched like we have for a new way to train and create the ultimate connection with your horse without all the pressure of traditional horse training this is for you. Lindsey has worked for years refining her method to be soft and work with the way your horse learns.

"I don't know anything about liberty training nor much about horse training in general, will I be able to do this on my own?"

Perfect! The course is set up to first give you foundation class room training on Lindsey’s training foundation program and then you will learn step by step with a new exercise one week and then after you have had a chance to practice, Lindsey will hop on in a live Q & A session to help you where you feel stuck PLUS you will have the ability (we will show you how to do this also) to upload 4 videos to share with Lindsey so she can coach you in how you are progressing.

"I don't have a round pen or an arena to work in”

No problem. Lindsey is going to teach you how to do this in an open area EVEN if there are other horses in the pasture.

Will this training take away from my riding?

Actually this is the perfect addition to add to your riding program. A little change of pace to strengthen your relationship and build both yours and your horse’s confidence.

"My horse is in another training program will this will interfere with her progress"

Most likely not, but if you are working with another trainer, please check with them to get their opinion

"I am super busy right now. Do I have lifetime access to the course after the 12 weeks?"

Yes of course! Plus you will have lifetime access to the private Facebook group and all future video and lesson updates added to the course. You only loose access to the 4 feedback videos. 

I am not sure this course is for me, can I talk to a real person with my questions & concerns?

Well yes, of course! Please call Jenny at 404-379-9587 and I am so glad to help you make the right decision for you & your horse. No sales pressure, I promise, we want this to be the right fit for everyone. I you do not get me, please text me and let me know you have questions and I will call you back asap. 

"My horse is coming back from an injury, is this something we can do together?"

This might be the perfect thing to keep your horse’s mind busy as he/she heals. But please check in with Lindsey and your vet before purchasing.

"I am afraid of my horse will I be able to do this safely?"

This is a tough question. It depends. Harmony At Liberty will 100% help your horse to become more willing but this program may not be the place to start if your horse has dangerous habits. Please check with Lindsey to make sure she doesn’t want you to start in another one of her programs before signing up. We want you to be safe and have fun!

Can I watch the course videos at the barn on my phone?

Yes! The course is available via mobile access also. As long as you can watch a youtube video you will be able to watch the training.

"With the covid virus, I have not been able to work with my horse for several months. Should I wait to sign up?"

Again this is a tricky one. Liberty with no tools is the perfect way to reconnect with your horse. And if you are still on quarantine, it is the perfect time to study!! The only hitch might be we need you to turn in your 4 videos for review to Lindsey during the 12 week period so she doesn’t get overwhelmed with video submissions.

When do I receive access to the private Facebook Group?

You will receive a link and allowed access to the private Facebook group the day your class session starts.

This cuts down confusion with students from the last session finishing up.

Because you and those before you receive lifetime access to the course and the private Q&A sessions, this is the best way we have found to make sure you have the opportunity to follow allow with others starting at the same place you are.

What if I have trouble logging in or forget my password?

No problem. We got you covered. Email info@harmonyhorsemanship.ca and we will get you fixed up right away

Money is so tight right now. Is there a payment plan?

Considering the crazy state of the world right now we have kept the price of the course at introductory price levels so you are already saving $190 USD We also created a 2 pay plan that you can pay in 2 installments.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 60 Day Success Money Back Guarantee but with that being said, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the guarantee comes with this stipulation, we have made the course super affordable (you are purchasing at a more than 50% discount of future pricing) we KNOW for a fact this method works.

In return, we are looking for serious students, wanting to create an amazing partnership with their horses, no program works if you don’t get out and try it from beginning to end.

With that being said if you complete the course and email us with a video showing you have completed the exercises, asked for help from Lindsey & have not had success with your horse and we will cheerfully refund your money.

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