A Great Ride Starts With Shutting Up Your Inner Critic.

Hey! You Can’t Talk To You Like That!!!

This is super important and life changing. Let’s talk for just a minute about self talk…

“Research indicates that the average person- that means you!
-talks to himself or herself about 50,000 times per day.
And most of that self-talk is about yourself,
and according to psychological researchers,
it is 80% negative-
things such as
…I shouldn’t have said that
…They don’t like me
…I am never going to be able to pull this off
…I don’t like the way my hair looks today
…The other team is going to kill us
…I can’t dance
…I will never be a good skater
…I am not a speaker
…I’ll never lose this weight
…I can’t seem to get organized
…I am always late”

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”

by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer

I found myself feeling down about different aspects of my life, not getting enough done at home, the laundry was piled up, the sink was full of dishes, I forgot to get all my daughters activities on the calendar.

My inner critic or that little voice in my head just took over…..

“You are a failure as a wife.”

“You can’t get things done at home.”

The more the voice talked, the more I felt down, blue, and felt so bad about myself.

I was out for a ride on one of my favorite training horses and instead of feeling excited, inspired and happy…. I felt tired, lack of energy and down about myself.

That was the moment it hit me……the more I started to get down about myself in other aspects of my life, the more it affected my confidence. How I was talking to myself, the words I was using, were cutting me down – period!

When you feel down about yourself or start to lack confidence, it makes you a little down,

less aware of yourself and your horse, less responsive,

slower to react to your horse. (If you feel at all what is going on under you.)

You horse feels and picks up on the disconnect within you.

Which will come out in resistance, heaviness and sometimes blatant acting out.
So……now the million dollar question….how do you change this?

Today start to pay attention to the words you are saying to yourself,

give yourself a break,
tell your inner critic to shut the h-e-double hockey stick up.

Encourage yourself.

Even the bible says to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”

(I don’t think we would say to our neighbors the things we say to ourselves in our own head.)

Give yourself the grace that you give to others.

There is no such thing as perfect.

Replace the negative nasty thoughts that make you weak with powerful uplifting thoughts that make you strong.

Instead of “Ugh you are so dumb,….” why not say

“I love you, you are trying so hard, things are getting better all the time” or

“I am getting better every day in every way”.

End of speech. LOL. Ok now to the fun stuff!

Much Love from fellow positive self talkers,

Kristin & Jenny


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