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“Remember that Girl who believed anything was possible with her horse & well with anything?

Go Find Her.

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Lesson 1

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Week 1 Masterclass

Lesson 2

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Lesson 3

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Lesson 5

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Lesson 6

Riding In Harmony Excerpt Part 1 

Lesson 7

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Find Your Inner Boss Lead Mare 

Lesson 8

Get Back On The Horse Masterclass 

About Your Coach

Jenny Rohlen

I am a horse girl.

This is the part when I am supposed to tell you all my accolades,how wonderful I am and why you should hang out here.(you can get all the nitty gritty details about me here if you are interested!)But just for a minute, I’d like to tell you what I know about you,then I can tell you about me  Your love of horses was put in you for a reason,it was imprinted in your DNA before you were bornI don’t know why you are on this equestrian journeybut it is no accident,and it is no accident we are meeting here either.Around here we talk horses,life,and I may even drop an f bomb or 2 as Marie Forleo calls itNo not that f bomb!The Faith f bomb and belief,in yourself, your horse and even GodSo let’s travel together, 2 new friends meeting up for a ride.Let’s talk about how to make our life easier,how to get the most out of ourselves and be at our best,let’s solve our problems with our horses,support each other’s dreams,but more than dream let’s make a planlet’s no longer leave life to chance butlive. on. purpose.every. single. day.Let’s work together make the world a better placefor our horses by listening, and making them happy too!I believe both you & your horse are meant to shine.And the best relationships are when we are all allowed to be at our best selves.So this site is not about me, it is about you too!I can’t wait to hear your story.  

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