Test your connection with your horse in 3 minutes or less with this simple exercise…

The purpose of the Simon Says Exercise is to create awareness of where you &  your horse could use some work on connection while developing “feel”. (The elusive equestrian gift of knowing what is happening with our horses sometimes even before it happens and making corrections.)


(exercise in action examples are listed below your steps for success) 


Objectives: 1. Test for connection, willingness & acceptance before mounting or entering the show ring
2. Increase your level of feel, rhythm, and timing

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Tools: Halter & Leadrope or Bridle of your choice

Prerequisites: None


Down load the pattern for this exercise below.

Steps for Success

Notes: The rule for this exercise is no judgment. No good or bad. Just an assessment of where you can improve, where there is stiffness, unacceptance or disconnect.

1. set up 4 markers in a square (cones or use whatever you have)

This exercise is to create awareness, so make the decision before you start either…

a.  don’t try to make corrections. Just observe and keep track of the time you win “simon says” or

b. make gentle corrections as you go as you keep track of your “simon says” wins.

2. follow the pattern printout and lead or ride your horse through the pattern

3. as you go through be present and aware, of anytime your horse is not following you as the leader, in other words anytime they do something that “simon” didn’t say…give a number value to measure progress

IMPORTANT: this is in no way encouraging to not allow your horse to express him/herself but to allow you to “feel” little nuances that make big differences in your connection

BONUS: add an “unexpected” element to the arena that your horse wouldn’t normally see there…like a tarp on the fence or plastic bag

Extra Tip: make one of the cones a “trigger” or reminder to show up as your best most present, confident self

 little things add up to big differences

Simon Says In Action…

“Simon Says” Before Mounting

“Simon Says” Under Saddle

“Simon Says” Quick Liberty Example
and Conclusion

“Simon Says” Full Liberty Example

“Simon Says” Green Horse Example

Awareness adds the extra to ordinary horsemanship to create extraordinary friendship & partnership.

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