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"The Build Unbreakable Confidence Blueprint Is The Map That Will Allow You To Create A Safe, Willing, Trusted, Extraordinary Partnership With Your Horse By Putting The Extra In Ordinary
Timeless Horsemanship Exercises And Principles."

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  • learn to use groundwork to build the foundation for a well mannered horse & a trusted partner
  • discover desensitizing exercises to teach your horse to trust you and not to spook
  • learn to check your equipment & to mount safely
  • specific exercises to control your horses body to move forward in any discipline
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Build Unbreakable Confidence
Riding & Handling Your Horse  DVD Table of Contents

Overview: 7 Tips To Become Confident In Handling & Riding Your Horse Develop Your Horse Sense Groundwork & Connection

Groundwork The Foundation of Success With Your Horse
Safety Zones
Raise Your Level of Awareness
Your Body Position When Leading
Leading 101
Use Your Body To Sensitize Your Horse
Types of Halters
Simon Says
Lunging For Partnership: Begin With The End In Mind
Lunging For Partnership: Working With The Older Green Horse
Drivin' Miss Gracie: Use Line Driving To Gain Respect On The Ground
Desensitizing The Older Horse
Desensitizing The Green Horse

Equipment Check

Proper Mounting

Control Your Horse's Body
Whoa On The Ground
Whoa Under Saddle
Move Forward
Lateral Flexion
The Importance of Backing
Beginning Hip Control For The Green Horse
Shoulder Control Sidepassing Method #1
Sidepassing Method #2

Bonus Lesson Page: Become A Better Rider & Daily Riding Workouts 

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