That time I forgot the most important part of horsemanship…

This is an embarrassing story, but I will share it anyway.

A few years ago I invested to take my horses to a clinic in South Carolina to work with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado (the original creators of Cavalia).

So, it was my turn in the round pen with my horse Raven, I had worked with Frederic before so they put me first.

Fred would start out a session by having you work with your horse, and he watches you to see where you need help, and how you relate & connect to your horse.

I am going along doing my thing, with this big crowd watching, (at the time I didn’t know any liberty so I don’t even know what the heck I was doing lol).

But he stops me & yells out to me with French accent … “Stop, stop, stop.” I stop and look at him. “Jen, Jen, you are not happy.”

“You are not smiling and happy with your horse”.

Huh? What? I am not what?

Oh crap.
He’s right.
I am all serious and not happy.

I am not connecting I am just freaking out.

Not looking at my horse but it was all about me and my nerves.

And immediately the tears came.
(yep, embarrassing- right in front of God, Fred and everyone)

I had worked so hard to get there. I had stressed, I had strategized, I had done all the things.

I got my beautiful mare to get help from one of the greatest trainers in the world to help “her”
(it’s always the horse that needs help right? Not the owner. Right? Righhhhhht.)

And in all my stress,
all my anxiousness of being in front of the crowd.
I FORGOT of all things, the most important thing!!

To be happy. Just to be me.

And be with my horse. And let her be her!

Since that day, I have tried to let this be burned in my mind when I am with the horses and just in general.

I have for as long as I can remember, put on a brave face and a smile regardless of the situation.

Whether I felt it or not, but NOW to be genuine. To be authentic. It has to be real.

And I will tell you the 100% truth it changes everything with my horses.

Think about it.

Aren’t you happiest when you are with someone who is happy to be with you?

Someone who values you, and your feelings are important? Someone who truly sees you?

This brings me back to the reason for my message to you today.

To remind you of your importance, and the importance of your happiness and WHY it is even important to remember you are important!

When you are happy, you spread the joy and make others happy.

You can not give what you do not have. As horse girls, the girls who get to play with these amazing animals, we can be a spark to spread the joy in the crazy dang world.

But it starts with each one of us. To be at our best selves, so we can bring out the best in our horses, and our little influence on the world.

It starts with you.

You are important. Your passion is important. Your happiness is important.

And heck yes, your horse is important.

And the more they know, the more trained they are,
the more loved they are,
the safer they are in this world.
It is the most valuable gift we can give them.

This is triggering and disgusting but a horse in some places can be dog food,
but treated with importance, but valued, loved, and allowed to be who they are, they are a best friend, spiritual messenger, and invaluable teacher.

And for you to shine. And for me to shine, we have to treat ourselves with importance too.

So please, sweet friend, follow your bliss, be happy and go work with or ride your horse this season.

Make it a season you will never forget. You’ll both be better for it.

Love you so much,
Jenny & Ryan


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