Find The Things That Take Your Breath Away.

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away“

– Unknown

What can you do in the near future that takes your breath away?

This thought hit me hard this morning.

What if at the end of my life God asks me, kinda like you do your kids at the end of the day, “did you have have a good day? what did you do fun today? what did you learn?”

I pray I will have good answers to those questions every day with no regrets.

That I will have found something every single day that takes my breath from the beauty I see,

or that I try something new,

a mini adventure,

connect with my horses in a way that I know we “hear” each other,

something out of the ordinary I don’t expect to see,

a thousand different things could happen if we will just be open to it.

So how about it?

From putting yourself out there in a big way and succeeding to something as small as taking a walk and just seeing what you see.

Do something that takes your breath away.


Take Action! Go to your calendar and schedule something awesome.
Do it now! And stick to it when the time comes.


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