Feeling Stuck Working With Your Horse? Change Your Perspective!

Is it possible maybe, just maybe,
you are not seeing all there is to see?

“It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities. ”

– Kristin Armstrong

It is not easy to see things in a different way, or re-evaluate. BUT if you hit a point where you or your horse are getting stuck, you have to re-evaluate to move forward with success.

As in so many aspects of life,

we as humans seem to focus on what we don’t want or what is wrong.

It can be harder to see the little things that are going good or going right for us.

I had a horse that was bred to be a western pleasure horse. He was a great mover and had the talent to show in the western pleasure ring. But he got bored and would find ways to make it fun for him. Such as push his rib cage in and when you put an inside leg in him he would over correct and run you into the rail. It became a back and forth game with him.

I could have gotten angry and punished him, made this an argument and shifted his mental and emotional perspective to no longer enjoy riding….(so many people would have done that and shut this horse down) but instead I changed my perspective. I asked myself – What…

Did he enjoy doing?
Was fun for HIM?
Could he be successful doing?

Trail was the answer with him.

He loved the challenge of negotiating obstacles. It kept his focus and mind busy in a positive way that was natural for him, without force or discipline. His new focus became working on trail obstacles and he excelled amazingly.

It might not always be easy to change what we think we should be doing, or want to be doing. But sometimes when we see things differently and shift our focus the forward progress and success is limitless!!

What do you see?

Remember these images? Most of us have seen them at one time or another. You look and at first glance you see one thing and then you keep looking and you see something else.

old woman or young woman

duck or rabbit

Today we ask you just to challenge yourself to see things from a new perspective.

There are always things going on that we are not aware of.

Our hearts pumping life giving blood to our bodies,

air fills our lungs,

the wind blows,

the grass grows.

What can you look at differently today?

What can you become more aware of?

Is it possible that through the struggles or busyness you might be missing something? (some thing that might change every thing).

Are you about to give up on what you are working on because you can’t “see” the break through that is right around the corner?

What is the beauty in the beast that you are battling?

When you work with your horse are you considering their perspective,

and life experience they are bringing to the party?

How can you change the way they see things?

Idea for today’s affirmation:

“I see beauty in everything. My life is getting better every single day in every single way!”

Perspective Challengers,

Jenny & Kristin


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I’m Jen.

Most days you will find me with a coffee in one hand, hot pink manure pick in the other with my mind bubbling over dreaming up ways to help my horse girl sisters find their true selves & ride their best life every. single. day.


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