The Fear Of Failure.

The Fear of Failure can hold us back from even trying!!

Nothing that we do will ever be PERFECT or flawless especially when we start working at something new.

Yet….the idea of failing or struggling holds us back from even attempting to do new things at different times in our lives.

Practice is not always pretty!!

And it sure is not perfect all the time!!!

THAT IS OKAY. Give yourself permission that whatever you are doing does not have to be pretty or perfect all the time.

Even if you are doing something you have done 1000 times….it may only go perfect 800 times out of 1000.

Guess what? THAT IS GREAT!!

So when you are starting or learning something new if you get what your end result is you are going for 2 out of 10 tries at the beginning that is major success!!

There are times that the idea of “failing” in front of people keeps you from even trying something new with your horse.

You don’t want to look foolish, or like you don’t know what you are doing in front of other people. But the truth is that most people struggled at different points with their horses, no matter how successful they are now, and they understand when things don’t go well, as that happens to EVERYONE!!! You are harder on yourself with your own self critic then anyone else will ever be on you.

Take the pressure off and say that trying is all that matters. It takes courage to take the steps to move forward and try something new, but that is the only way to reach your goals and accomplish what it is you really want.

Give yourself permission to allow things to go how they will go and know all you have to do is your best!

Realize the people watching are so busy with what is going on for them that they really are not focused on the exterior of what you are doing. (Lets be honest, people care about what they are focused on and what they are trying to do and really it doesn’t matter to them what you are doing.)

Remember that when you look around at a horse show, and realize everyone is busy with their own stuff and thinking about what they are going to be doing when they are sitting, they are not being critical of you.

We are brought up in a society where failure is such a bad thing! But in reality it is not! It means you tried something new, and that is the key to growth, moving forward and success in any aspect of life.

You can choose to worry about everyone else to the point you give your power up to what everyone might think and in turn you miss something amazing in your own life. Some of the most successful people have failed over and over before it all came together.

Learning from what does not work and applying that to make it better next time is true success!!!

Tell yourself this all about you, and only about you when you try something. Be gentle on yourself!

Have the courage to try something for that is true success!! There is no such thing as failure if try!!

Go out there and get after your dreams right now!


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