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Hi friend,

I made this quick little video to be sure you got all the details on our upcoming “Extraordinary Horsemanship Incubator” that starts Monday!

I envision a team of 40 horse girls working together to improve our horsemanship & create extraordinary safe, willing, true partnerships. This is promised to be a grand adventure in working together with unprecedented progress & breakthroughs.

We are down to 4 spots left and I’d love to have you join me if it is a good fit for you!  Let me know if you have any questions after watching the video!
Love, Jenny & Raven

Ready to get coaching, guidance, encouragement & accountability with your horse?
Join over 35 women & counting as we work together to transform
our horses & horsemanship together in a brand new way
of receiving coaching and online learning.

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Have questions? I am here to help! Message me at info@horsegirl.me

p.s. 🎁here’s a free gift for you just for stopping by!

Click here to download our Extraordinary Horsemanship Blueprint
filled with ideas of things to work on at the barn

I am here to help! Email info@horsegirl.me
I am glad to help in any way I can!

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